Strange Apex Legends bug makes looting impossible

Connor Bennett
Loba ultimate in Apex Legends

[jwplayer J4j9SlSw]Apex Legends players have run into a new bug that is preventing them from looting death boxes and via Loba’s ultimate ability even when they already have loot in their inventory. 

Just like every other battle royale on the market, Apex Legends follows the simple principle of find a landing spot, loot up, get kills, and be the last team or player standing. Respawn have added in different wrinkles with things like the abilities of legends but it is pretty much your typical battle royale.

However, if your ability to loot and get your hands on some better items than what you’ve already got, it isn’t going to be a smooth ride – and that cruel fate has been falling upon some players in the battle royale. 

Being able to loot is pretty key in Apex.

Apex player Komil85 showed off a video from one of their recent games where their ability to loot was pretty much completely taken away. 

Looking to get some upgraded loot, the Gibraltar user approached Loba’s Black Market Boutique ultimate but when they got into the abilities menu, they were greeted with nothingness. They couldn’t even loot a box of heavy ammo for their Prowler.

However, Komil85’s problem wasn’t limited to using Loba’s Ultimate. The Redditor even tried to loot a purple death box but was greeted with the menu of nothingness. They were, however, able to pick up loot that their teammates dropped. 

A number of similar different issues with looting have been uncovered in the past, with the most notable being the use of the ‘Ninja’ controls layout. Though, it is unknown if that issue could have affected Komil85. 

If the issue becomes more widespread, Respawn would have to take action – just imagine Apex games where you couldn’t loot past your original landing spot? It wouldn’t be pretty. 

For now, we’ll just have to keep an eye on it in case the problem affects others.

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