Apex Legends fans want one big change to Ash’s Ultimate

Philip Trahan
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Apex Legends players are calling on Respawn to change Ash’s Ultimate as fans claim it’s too hard to place accurately.

With Season 19 of Apex Legends finally here, plenty of Legends received various buffs to try and bring them up to par with the rest of the cast.

However, among the various Legends that weren’t touched in the Season 19 patch notes was Ash—the battle royale’s cold and calculating simulacrum.

It seems some fans think that it was a mistake to leave Ash unchanged, as many are now calling for her Ultimate ability to get a buff now that Season 19 is here.

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Apex Legends fans want Ash’s Ultimate buffed

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit titled, “For the love of God, please can we do something about how hard it is to use Ash’s ultimate,” sparked a discussion among the community.

The OP included a clip of a match they played as Ash, which showed them engaging in a firefight on Storm Point. After dropping off a raised building to disengage, they weren’t able to get back into the fight thanks to Ash’s Ultimate not locking onto the building above.

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It seems many players have struggled with this same issue, as plenty agreed that this specific issue is one they’re familiar with.

“The ultimate’s inability to snap onto geometry has plagued Ash for SO long,” said one fan. They continued and added: “In addition to that, the usage between barred windows is inconsistent: you can TP into them, but you can’t TP out of them.”

Some players suggested ways to change the Ultimate, like changing it to a throwable arc. “Suggestion for a change: make the Ult targeting similar to a throwable in terms of its visual representation, much like a grenade showing you an arc where it will land…”

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While similar buffs have been suggested in the past, they’ve yet to make it into the game. Hopefully for those who main Ash, Respawn will iron out some of her Ultimate’s quirks during Season 19.

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