Apex Legends players want Respawn to set next map in a metropolis

apex-legends-metropolis-mapRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players want Respawn to set the next battle royale map in a futuristic urban metropolis with more buildings and features, rather than the natural settings of Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and recently Storm Point.

Respawn added Apex Legend’s first “city-based” map, Olympus, back in Season 7. However, it’s not quite the futuristic mega-city players hoped for. Instead, it’s a floating palace in the sky, with plenty of greenery.

The next map, Storm Point, was introduced in Season 11. But again, rather than being a large-scale metropolis, it pits players against each other on a tropical island that has bases, bunkers, caves, and critters.

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Both of these maps are now a part of the regular map rotation. However, players have made it clear they want the next one to be set in a sprawling cityscape packed with skyscrapers.

Bonsai Plaza OlympusRespawn Entertainment
Olympus is the closest thing Apex Legends players have to a metropolis.

Reddit user ‘wing6781’ has gone viral for their opinion, admitting it would be “great” if Respawn added a map that leans less into nature and animals and more into a sci-fi metropolis.

They shared an image of a futuristic urban city that has buildings covered in neon lights, flying vehicles, and more to represent their vision. The post drew 5,000 upvotes and sparked a discussion spanning 300 comments.

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Many people were on board with the idea. “Straight up urban warfare with skyscrapers and city blocks would be the change of pace the map rotation needs,” one player said.

“This is what Olympus should have been,” wrote another.

Some even pitched their own ideas, too. “Throw in a subway and tunnel system with underground buildings,” someone added.

“Maybe the buildings have basements with connecting tunnels between them,” replied a fourth.

The top comment pointed out that a city like that does exist in the Apex Legends universe. It’s called Angel City, and it’s a multiplayer map featured in Titanfall, Titanfall Online, and Titanfall 2’s Angel City’s Most Wanted DLC.

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Only some areas of the city are playable in those maps. However, the fact that Apex Legends is a battle royale game means it could fit a whole lot more. But we’ll have to wait and see whether it’s in Respawn’s plans.