NICKMERCS explains why it took him so long to get hooked on Apex Legends

Ash in Apex Legends next to NICKMERCSRespawn / Twitch: NICKMERCS

FaZe Clan streamer NICKMERCS has explained why it took him so long to become addicted to Apex Legends, despite always enjoying Respawn’s battle royale. 

While NICKMERCS became known to millions of Twitch viewers because of his Fortnite talents, he has maintained his audience thanks to his talents in Warzone and, recently, Apex Legends.

Since transitioning to Respawn’s battle royale a few months back, Nick has not looked back and continues to draw in thousands of viewers with his streaming charisma and impressive gameplay. So impressive, in fact, that he reached Apex Predator rank.

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However, it wasn’t an easy or quick transition for the former 100 Thieves man, as he explained during a November 26 live stream.

NICKMERCS grimacing next to Apex Legends' AshTwitch: NICKMERCS / Respawn
NICKMERCS’ transition to Apex took him a lot longer than he expected.

Nick highlighted his early streams as of very poor quality, even describing himself as a “trashcan” on Apex. It was only after weeks of grinding to improve that he found himself enjoying the BR more and more.

“Bro when this game came out I was so bad at Apex,” he said. “You can ask my chat… I would explain Apex to people like it was the one shooter that I played that I wasn’t great at.

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“All the other shooters, it takes me a matter of time and I got it, but this one I just couldn’t.”

He continued: “Then, finally, I came back and tried it again and I got hooked. Thank God man too. I don’t know why – it’s maybe just harder to get good at. Yeah [there is a big learning curve]. I used to have sponsored streams and I’d be so bad.”

It is certainly true that Apex’s learning curve is steeper than other games like Call of Duty. Its unique movement system and Legend abilities mean there’s plenty for new players to come to terms with but, once they have, there’s also so much to enjoy.

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That’s ultimately why Nick has stuck around, despite his struggles to acclimate at first.

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