Apex Legends players still divided over Ranked changes ahead of Season 14

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The Apex Legends ranked ladder has been the source of a lot of frustration from the community since the integration of Season 13’s Ranked Reloaded program. While some are perfectly content with the situation, a bewildering finish for one team has players kicking off over the structure again.

Season 14 is on the horizon but Apex Legends players are still as fiery as ever over the state of Ranked and how it has evolved in S13 Saviors.

Despite the devs promising that improvements are coming, that hasn’t been enough to satisfy some players, particularly the ones at the top of the food chain who believe they’re being punished for completing the objective of the game.

Apex players fight over the health of Ranked after Pred lobby debacle

One player on Reddit shared a screenshot from an Apex Predator lobby that had gone south pretty quickly.

Despite two of their squadmates close to the start of the game, the solo managed to stick it out and rat all the way to second place before dying to the final squad.

There were no opportunities to pick fights along the way though, so despite making it all the way down to the final two squads, the team walked away with a whopping -15 RP for their efforts.

On one hand, a large swathe of the comments believed that a loss of points was justified since the solo player didn’t pick any fights over the course of the match. One commenter even suggested that this is proof that the new system works better than the last.

“You didn’t really participate in the match so you don’t get rewarded for it,” they said.

On the other hand, there were more than a few players who felt like making it that far in a game that’s all about survival should be rewarded appropriately.

Reddit user HashBrwnz claimed that this result is more bewildering than a player dominating a low-rank lobby and still losing points. “I thought 10 kills in bronze going negative was insane but this right here is just awful to see. Now the game doesn’t even reward you for playing it how the devs want us to play.”

Perhaps more tweaks to the system will be coming in Season 14, but until then players are going to have to take their chances even in tough situations if they want to walk away with more RP than they entered with at the highest skill divisions.