Apex Legends players love this ‘Zombies-style’ LTM concept

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An Apex Legends player pitched an LTM concept with a spin on traditional ‘Last Man Standing’ modes and the community loved it.

Apex Legends has had a bit of a rocky history with Limited Time Modes, also known as LTMs.

While some LTMs like 2021’s Ring Fury event were not so well received, the Apex community usually appreciates when respawn adds LTMs to the game to spice things up.

Now, one Apex Legends player has pitched their own LTM with a spin on the classic ‘Zombies-style’ game modes, and other players loved the idea.

Apex Legends fan pitches ‘Zombies’ LTM concept

The idea comes from Reddit user TakeThatRipjawsMan on the Apex Legends subreddit, where they asked the community what they thought of the idea.

“Basically this is an LTM where when you die you drop your banner as a physical item. So banners take up an inventory slot. The fun part comes from the fact that anyone can pick up the banner,” they explained.

After picking up an enemy banner, that team or player could search out the nearest respawn beacon or use a mobile beacon and respawn their enemy.

Doing so would add that player to their team. In essence, this idea is not too different from typical ‘Zombie’ type game modes, such as Halo’s classic Infection mode.

Though the original poster didn’t flesh out the concept too much, members of the Apex Reddit community seemed to like the idea.

“Honestly I think that would be a fun game mode where slowly teams grow until there is just two big teams and the last team standing wins,” said El-Green-Jello.

One player suggested that adding some extra respawn beacons to the loot pool or as a starting inventory item could help the LTM concept be more balanced.

Another player made the astute observation that the concept was similar to a previous LTM called Shadowfall, but with some notable changes.

Though this idea is simply one fan’s concept, it seems the Apex Legends community is all for more LTMs that add some variety to the battle royale.