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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players flame Respawn for “embarrassing” effort on skins

Published: 14/Nov/2021 22:54

by Jaret Kappelman


Apex Legends has a ton of cosmetics that players can equip. However, people are flaming Respawn as they claim some skins are flat-out “embarrassing.”

Season 11 of Apex Legends is here bringing tons of fresh content including a new map, character, and battle pass.

The battle pass is adding tons of new cosmetics that people can earn, buy, and equip to alter their appearance in-game.

However, the community is upset and roasting the devs as they claim the skins are getting worse and worse as the seasons go on.

Apex Legends players roast Respawn for poorly designed skins

Apex players have many ways to acquire skins. They can buy them in the store, unlock them in the battle pass, and even claim free ones with Twitch Prime.


While some can look really cool, a Reddit post by ‘JamesIsHotAF’ claims there’s been an “embarrassing” effort from Respawn over a free skin they say looks better than one that costs Apex Coins.

Lets compare skins again! So we have a FREE RARE skin from the season 3 battlepass on the left and on the right we have an "epic" 1,000 Apex coins Skin… embarrassing Respawn. from apexlegends

Players filled the replies with their disgust for the skins in Apex and many people agreed with the user that the skins are poorly made.

One said, “The skins in this game for the most part are absolutely terrible, there is no way the designers can feel good about some of the stuff that gets made.”

Another Reddit thread provided more examples by comparing battle pass skins from this season to previous ones.


The Battle Pass skins this seasons looks so bad compared to even lower tier skins of previous seasons. Top row is this season, bottom row is previous seasons. from apexlegends

One person said, “This season’s battle pass is also filled with trash. They even bumped the starting skins in the paid track to purple rarity to make them seem rarer but they just look awful.”

While Respawn continues to pump out new seasons and content, it seems as though players want to more effort from the developer when it comes to cosmetics.