Apex Legends dev doubles down on why players don’t spawn in with weapons

. 8 months ago
Fuse firing a 30-30 Repeater in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

Respawn have doubled down on their reasoning for not allowing Apex Legends players to spawn in with weapons or starter kits of any kind, explaining that it disrupts the early flow of battle royale matches. 

While spawning in with nothing but a dive trail has long been the norm in Apex Legends, plenty of players possess fond memories of the Locked and Loaded takeover that took place in Season 8.

The changes the event brought included spawning players into battle royale matches with ‘Starter Kits’ – equipment packs that contained a Mozambique shotgun, 2 Shield Cells, 2 Syringes, and basic protective gear.

Plenty of players – both casual and competitive – responded positively to the changes, with Respawn even flirting with the idea of making them permanent.

Mozambique Hammerpoint Apex
Respawn Entertainment
The Mozambique, while pretty useless, was welcomed as a staring weapon by many.

However, long-term changes based on the mode’s popularity did not come, and players still spawn in with no tangible items.

The debate was reignited on November 13, when an Apex player stated that everyone should spawn into battle royale matches with a basic P2020.

In response, John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson, the Live Balance Designer at Respawn, said: “This was a hot topic when we were implementing starter kits. I was against it because of how quickly a coordinated team could wipe a solo on a contested drop. It’s already a common strategy in high-level ranked. The initial gun scramble buys some time for everyone to react.”

Essentially, players dropping in with loot results in too many early game eliminations in which killed players have little to no chance of survival.

The early-game scramble to loot essentially balances the game somewhat, spreading players out and letting them accumulate different equipment and weapons.

While Respawn have reiterated their openness to change in terms of Apex’s weapon pool and looting, Larson’s response suggests any permanent adjustments to starting loot are still some way off, if they come at all.

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