Apex Legends players find insane hiding spot on Kings Canyon

Philip Trahan
apex legends kings canyon relic season 14 header image

The Apex Legends community has found yet another insane hiding spot, this time as a hidden cave on the newly updated Kings Canyon map.

Respawn updated Kings Canyon for Apex Legends Season 14 to include new POIs and a more open feel overall.

Unfortunately, sometimes map updates leave in bits of problematic geography that players can exploit.

Now, players have discovered a new hidden cave on Season 14’s Kings Canyon which makes for the perfect ratting spot.

New rat spot on Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon in Season 14
Kings Canyon’s redesign in Season 14 gave is better lighting, skyboxes, and new POIs.

The spot gained traction after Reddit user andrew_baseball21 made a post on the Apex Legends subreddit.

This hidden cave is located in the chokepoint hallway just above the Market POI.

Though the hallway looks completely normal, there is actually a hidden alcove in the ceiling that mobility Legends like Pathfind and Valkyrie can easily access.

This ceiling cave is so deep that if players back up against the wall they are completely out of sight from any enemies below.

According to commenters on the Reddit post, some players are already aware of the hiding spot and are using it in matches.

“Saw someone up there last night… Only thing that gave them away was a vantage using her Ult,” said user bluethunder40.

Some users thanked the original poster for bringing more attention to the spot, like ThaiJohnnyDepp who said, “Thanks I’ll be tossing a nade up there every time I go through from now on.”

This isn’t the first time that Apex Legends maps have housed ridiculous hiding spots, let alone in Kings Canyon.

Though it can certainly be frustrating when exploitable areas slip through the cracks, with any luck Respawn with catch wind of this area and remove it through a patch.