Apex Legends Season 16 Ranked: Maps, Split 2 date, changes

Storm Point The Downed BeastRespawn Entertainment

Season 16 is underway in Apex Legends, which means a new Ranked split is now live. Here are the maps for Ranked in Season 16, and when split 2 will start.

Apex Legends Season 16 didn’t add a new Legend this time around, instead opting for balancing changes to the existing Legends. Ranked didn’t see many changes either, except a big shake-up to how map rotation works.

While season 16 still features a familiar split structure, where players will see their rank reset, maps will no longer change at the split.

Here’s everything you need to know, and what to expect from the rank reset.

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When is ranked split 2 in Apex Legends Season 15?

The second Ranked split in Season 16 will begin on Tuesday, April 4. This means that the first Ranked split is fairly short, at only 48 days total.

This could be direct feedback from last season’s very long first split, as Respawn assured players that it won’t be this long again in future.

In Apex Legends’ ranked mode, players’ ranks are reset at the start of each new season, as well as at the beginning of the second split. However, in Split 2, your rank will only be reset by 1 rank (four divisions), rather than 1.5 (or six divisions) as it was previously.

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At the start of the next season, you will be granted rewards based on your highest ranking across both splits.

Season 16 ranked maps

The ranked maps for Season 16 are World’s Edge, Broken Moon, and Storm Point. The maps will rotate every 24 hours.

This is a brand new change for this season, as previously the map would only change when the new split began.

broken moon map in apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
The full Broken Moon map layout.

Now, this change means you won’t be stuck on one map for the whole split, and have some variety. Unfortunately, it does mean that Kings Canyon and Olympus fans will have to wait longer to get their favorites back.

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Season 15 Ranked changes

In Season 16, there were very limited changes to the Ranked mode, with the only big difference being the new system for map rotations every 24 hours.

Players were disappointed not to see more significant changes to ranked play, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until Season 17 for that. Respawn has said more ranked changes are coming this year.