Kings Canyon gets major overhaul in Apex Legends Season 14: Skulltown returns as Relic

Kings Canyon in Season 14Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon is in for some big-time changes in Season 14. From a new Point of Interest to some drastic shakeups to familiar locations, there’s a lot to catch up with before the new season kicks off.

Kings Canyon is Apex’s original map and it has seen more redesigns than any other arena in the battle royale. Season 14 brings yet another incarnation of the beloved battlefield and Respawn has now revealed the first look at what’s to come.

There’s a new POI as well as a handful of changes to places that players already know and love, and here’s how it all breaks down.

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Every change to Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon in Season 14

The biggest talking point is the addition of a new area called Relic where players will fight under the cover of an enormous skull that takes up much of the area around it.

Respawn Entertainment
Relic brings a major change to an otherwise simple side of the map.

In a Season 14 preview event attended by Dexerto, the devs spoke on the need to add something new in order to break up big bottleneck areas of the map so players had more options to rotate through whenever approaching the Relic-side of the map.

Two familiar locations went under a big redesign as the infamous ‘Cage’ area of the map saw an entire floor lopped off and had its sides opened up to make it less intimidating to approach when a team has taken it over for themselves.

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Kings Canyon cage in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Cage has always been tough to get around or retake for teams that are late to the party.

Hillside also got similar treatment and will no longer have an interior portion for teams to hole up in. Instead, most of the platform will be exposed to the open air in order to open up the fighting a little bit and give teams a fair shot at retaking it from enemies.

Another big change was the Broken Relic POI, which has now been renamed to Basin and has been given a few more buildings, which should make it a more attractive drop for squads that want to land a little bit off the beaten path.

All of these changes will be supported by an overall increased land mass for the map and some minor changes to the way that some locations are linked together, a change that the devs hope will up the map as a whole and encourage players to get on the move without fear of running headfirst into death traps.

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All of these changes will be live when Season 14 drops on August 9.