World’s Edge map changes in Apex Legends Season 17 revealed

an image of the new World's Edge map in Apex Legends Season 17Respawn Entertainment

World’s Edge in Apex Legends will undergo a makeover in Season 17, with new POIs, a brand new Apex Games Museum, changes to lighting and more. Here’s everything you need to know about the World’s Edge map update.

The story for the update is that World’s Edge map is finally healing and cooling down. Several new “disruptive” changes are being made to improve the overall map health.

Some of these new changes include POIs, better traversal, higher chances of high-tier loot, and a lot more.

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That said, here’s a rundown of all the new World’s Edge changes in Apex Legends Season 17.

an image of the Monument POI in Apex Legends Season 17Respawn Entertainment
Monument has replaced the ruined city of Fragment in Season 17.

All World’s Edge changes in Apex Legends Season 17

Fragment boasts a new identity, now called ‘Monument’. The ever-popular hotdrop location has now been replaced by the Apex Games Museum.

This new POI has a deep underground area, with quick access to sniper nests via ziplines. It’s entirely covered with a glass ceiling, meaning players can see in below from the top. The museum shows off the history of Legends and the games.

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Map updates

The Museum charts the history of the Games, from Thunderdome to Apex, a section dedicated to the original legends.

Lava City has been replaced by a new zone called Stacks, where the construction building has been relocated. There’s also a new vault near Skyhook and chances of finding Vault keys are much higher than before. Trials have also gone through some revisions with the new season.

stacks in world's edgeRespawn Entertainment
The new Stacks POI in Season 17.

All lava is also now traversable by foot. There are also slight changes to the Harvester location along with a new center loot zone with high-quality loot.

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Respawn also explain, “with additional Climatizers added, there’s new snow banks, less volcanic smoke and clearer visibility.”

Additionally, Mirage à trois is being removed from Storm Point and Broken Moon and will only be a permanent feature on World’s Edge.

The map’s lighting and sky are also tweaked to some extent. With Season 17’s arrival, you could also see a snowclad Skyhook.