OP Apex Legends rat spot on Kings Canyon still isn’t fixed

Valkyrie flying in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Kings Canyon may be the most well-known map in the game, but this secret rat spot is ideal for clutching many a surprise victory. 

While landing at high-tier loot locations in Apex Legends can give you an edge over your opponents, sometimes it’s best to be a little more stealthy. After all, using lesser-known locations can result in a number of dominant victories, particularly if you manage to ambush your foes. 

Despite being the oldest map in the game, Kings Canyon is still home to plenty of secret rats spots players can utilize. In fact, this specific location is perfect for Valkyrie and Pathfinder mains looking to secure a sneaky win. 

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Whether you’re aiming to recover from a particularly intense firefight or just wish to hold out to later rounds, then this Kings Canyon rat spot will give you the edge needed to outlast your competitors. 

Apex Legends secret Kings Canyon rat spot

Respawn EntertainmentRespawn Entertainment
This Kings Canyon Airbase rat spot can give you a fantastic advantage.

The best Apex Legends rat spots often conceal a player from view, giving them the cover needed to launch a deadly attack or hide from enemy squads. While certain positions provide excellent vantage points for long-range engagements, there are times when avoiding combat is a much more viable option. 

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Apex Legends YouTuber, Skeptation, has revealed a classic rat spot that both Pathfinder and Valkyrie can make use of. To make use of this location, simply head over to Airbase and jump off the landing pads. 

Before you fall out of bounds, simply use Pathfinder’s grapple or Valkyrie’s jets to reach the beams below. There’s even a secret cave you can get to by using if you jump from the rocky outcrops near the landing pads. 

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In order to leave this rat spot, just use Pathfinder’s zipwire You can either stay on the small platform or Valk jets. The latter is a little more difficult, so take extra care when flying to safety. 

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