Sneaky Apex Legends spot giving out free kills on World’s Edge

apex legends worlds edge lava siphon POI header imageRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player found a very sneaky ambush spot on World’s Edge, which players can reach from the middle building of Lava Siphon.

Apex Legends’ maps are very intricately designed with tons of buildings and rooms with nooks for players to use for cover or positioning during indoor fights.

While some players end up finding great ‘rat spots’ in Apex Legends, others find spots that are great for surprising foes for some easy kills.

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Now, one player has seemingly discovered the perfect spot on World’s Edge where players can lie in wait with their squad for unsuspecting enemies.

World’s Edge spot giving out free kills

Worlds Edge Lava SiphonRespawn Entertainment
Players can see the middle building of Lava Siphone here, with the outside landing in full view.

Apex Legends player Googleflax found the spot and posted a video showing how to reach it on the Apex Legends subreddit.

The spot is located in the Lava Siphon POI on World’s Edge within the middle building with staircases on either side leading up to the second floor of the building.

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To reach the hidden nook, players need to get a running start from the top of the staircase, wall bounce off of the left-side wall then clamber up the crates at the end of the stairs.

Of course, it’s quite tricky to actually reach the far end of the staircase without some pretty solid movement techniques, so it may take a few tries before being able to reach the crates.

Though Googleflax claims the spot is “useless” in their post, many commenters seem to disagree, like user Trailerparkoligarch who said “Definitely not useless! Imagine a Rampart camping that spot with a shield and Sheila.”

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Alternatively, others have already claimed that teams have used the spot against them, like PopularPaint2 who said, “In Ranked I’ve had an entire team sitting in this spot and insta killed me as soon as I walked up the stairs, so it’s pretty solid depending on the ring.”

It seems this spot has already gained traction on World’s Edge, but only time will tell if Respawn will end up adjusting the spot in any future patches.

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