Nadeshot praises Apex Legends Ranked mode which is still missing from Warzone

nadeshot on apex legendsTwitch: Nadeshot/Respawn Entertainment

100 Thieves founder and former Call of Duty pro Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has declared his love for Apex Legends and its ranked playlist, as calls continue to mount from players looking for a ranked mode in Warzone.

In recent Call of Duty titles, both battle royale and regular multiplayer, one of the biggest complaints from competitive-minded players has been the lack of a good, functional ranked mode, with some releases not even featuring one at all.

With many top Warzone players switching over to Apex Legends, the ranked mode has seen a fresh influx of competitors looking to work their way to Apex Predator.

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Joining the wave, one of those new competitors is Nadeshot, and he’s clearly massively impressed.

Nadeshot in red 100 Thieves jersey100 Thieves
Nadeshot is a CoD legend, but is showing a lot of love to Apex Legends.

As demands for a ranked Warzone mode continue to heat up, Nadeshot has taken what some fans believe to be a subtle jab at the Call of Duty game, praising Apex Legends for their work.

In a tweet posted on September 3 that picked up a lot of interactions from top Apex pros and streamers, Nadeshot gushed about the game.

“Apex Legends is addicting,” he tweeted in all caps, clearly excited by his matches. “Crazy what Ranked play can do for a game.”

This has been a big realization for many top players stepping over from Warzone. The integration of a ranked mode, where you can earn your ranks and truly feel like you’ve accomplished something against players of a similar skill level, isn’t present in the CoD BR at all.

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Nadeshot does seem to have a growing interest in Apex Legends too, having hinted in August 2021 that he might make a move to get 100 Thieves involved in the scene, in Japan in particular.

What comes of this remains to be seen, but Nadeshot is clearly getting more and more involved in Apex Legends.