Respawn disables Apex Legends’ Rampage & Sentinel to fix charge exploit

Apex Legends Bloodhound holding SentinelRespawn Entertainment

Respawn has once again disabled Apex Legends’ Rampage LMG and Sentinel weapons to fix an “infinite charge” exploit after the glitch continues to dominate ranked games despite a fix just weeks ago.

The Rampage LMG and Sentinel have been dominating Apex Legends lobbies since a glitch giving the guns infinite charge was uncovered late in 2021. A fix was originally shipped in December, but players soon found another workaround.

As the glitch continues to spread like wildfire, Respawn have been forced to take drastic action to stop it. The developers have disabled the two weapons in all Apex Legends game modes as of January 5 to work on another fix.

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Rampage holding charged up Rampage LMG in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Respawn have been forced to disable the Rampage (pictured) and Sentinel in Apex Legends.

“We’ve just pushed out [an Apex Legends] update temporarily disabling the Rampage and Sentinel weapons in all modes due to an exploit,” they said on Twitter.

While Respawn works on a fix, players will not be able to loot up the Rampage or Sentinel across any of the battle royale maps, or purchase them in Arenas.

It comes after the developers threatened Apex Legends players with bans if they were caught abusing the exploit consistently. “While I don’t personally carry a banhammer I’ll see what we can do,” developer John Larson said on Twitter on January 4.

New game-crashing Bangalore skin in Apex Legends also disabled

Respawn have also moved to disable Bangalore’s new MIL-SPEC skin after players discovered it was crashing games.

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“It is, however, still purchasable from the store and will be present once fixed and re-enabled,” Respawn added.

We will update this piece with more details ⁠— including when to expect a full fix to Apex Legends’ Rampage and Sentinel ⁠— as they become available.