Apex Legends players are sick of controller “cheat” ruining the game

Josh Taylor
Apex Legends cheatApex Legends / Respawn Entertainment

Players of Apex Legends have had enough of a controller exploit that some are calling a “cheat” and many are calling for it to be banned.

Apex Legends and FPS games in general, have often featured heavy debates within their respective communities surrounding whether they are easier to play on consoles or PCs.

With the introduction of crossplay in recent years and the ability for players to use either a controller or a mouse and keyboard for their console or PC, the debate has only gotten hotter.

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This has been no different for the Battle Royale, whereby the use of a particular controller configuration exploit on PC has left many players of Apex Legends furious, calling it a “cheat.”

Apex Legends fans have had enough of controller config exploit

One user posted to the Apex Legends subreddit, sharing a direct gameplay comparison for when using the configs to alter the use of his controller and when not using them, with a mouse and keyboard.

“To everyone that says roller tap strafe configs are remotely justified or not OP,” they titled the post.

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The video unleashed a heated debate in the comments, as it is said to combine the “benefits of PC movement with controller aim assist,” in order to gain a perceived competitive advantage.

“Who is saying configs are justified? Pretty sure there is a consensus that configs is cheating,” one user said.

“It’s not just imitating mouse & keyboard movement, it is strictly better than manual tap strafing. You can lurch in every direction vs. traditional scroll bind which is only one direction,” another user said.

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“My bud played like this. Best Octane I ever knew. Miss ya bud. I’ve never been able to play lifeline like I did when we ran games. We were unstoppable,” one user shared.

Despite various users saying that only “cheaters” use them and that they should be “banned,” one player said: “Respawn does not consider it cheating and has made no attempt to ban anyone who uses them.”

It will be interesting if and how Respawn will respond after various players have said it has “ruined” the game.

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