Apex Legends players slam controller configs as player proves how OP they are

Declan Mclaughlin
apex legends cheaters

After a tutorial showcasing how overpowered they can be released, Apex Legends players have called out controller configs on social media.

The debate between controller vs. mouse and keyboard in Apex Legends seems to be over as the community has come to believe using the sticks is superior thanks to Steam controller configurations.

Players can use the system to help make strafing, looting and even shooting much easier for those using a controller, compared to a mouse and keyboard.

While this sentiment has existed for a while, the death nail in the debate has ended as a YouTube tutorial for various configs has been showcased on social media. Part of the tutorial was posted by Treeree, an Apex Legends content creator, and saw multiple pros and prominent players slam the video and configs in general.

Apex Legends controller configs OP

The YouTube tutorial was posted two weeks ago at the time of writing and has about 14,000 views. The video shows players what the configs the creator has made for the controller on Steam, including neo strafing, no recoil, move and look, and even 180-degree turn configurations.

Viewers would need to join the YouTuber’s Discord to get the actual configuration set up to add to their Steam profile.

“Steam configs need to be replaced with something else,” Treeree said in his post about the tutorial.

Multiple pros responded to the video saying that these kinds of configs basically constitute cheating.

“How tf is this sh** allowed in Apex lol,” TSM pro Jordan ‘Reps’ Wolfe said. “How is this not bannable? @PlayApex wake up,” Alliance Apex pro John ‘Hakis’ Håkansson also added.

Respawn has not commented on the video and based on the developer’s previous track record around controller conifgs in its game, the practice will most likely remain in place.