OP “Raf strafing” movement trick in Apex Legends makes you impossible to hit

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“Raf strafing” is a new movement mechanic in Apex Legends that’s gone viral as it makes you absurdly difficult to hit.

One of the most praised aspects of Apex Legends is the game’s unique and satisfying movement that is unlike any other FPS title.

This allows players to utilize advanced movement tricks that can give them an advantage over their opponents.

Whether it’s tap-strafing, bunny-hopping, or wall-bouncing, there are countless techniques to learn in the Outlands if you’re looking to completely master movement in Apex.

Well, another mechanic has been discovered, and it appears to be more OP than any other movement trick that’s been seen before.

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There are countless movement mechanics that players use in Apex Legends.

“Raf strafing” movement mechanic goes viral in Apex Legends

Now known as “raf strafing”, the new movement mechanic involves strafing from left to right in mid-air while moving forward and jumping up and down.

This combination of movement and direction change makes it almost impossible to land a shot on a player using the technique.

As showcased by Twitter user @rafyxxx_a it’s unbelievably effective for aggressively pushing an enemy in a face-to-face gunfight.

Due to constant direction changes, the bullets seem to bend around a player “raf strafing”, making it seem as if they’re cheating.

The clip has garnered a massive amount of attention from the Apex community, with countless players shocked that this kind of movement is even possible.

Professional player Nocturnal was completely caught off-guard by the technique, simply asking “what in the f**k is this”.

While rafyxxx_a has promised a tutorial is coming soon, some members of the community have speculated that this is only possible by altering config files.

Although this isn’t against the rules in pubs, it is banned in competitive play, so we’ll have to wait and see how this is performed.

It’s possible this is a movement mechanic anyone can learn, but if that’s the case, Respawn may have to get involved, as it’s there’s no denying it’s powerful.