Apex Legends players want feature from Apex Mobile to combat rage quitters

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A feature in Apex Legends Mobile has players asking Respawn to implement a similar tool in the main title to combat rage quitters, leavers, and disconnected players.

Teams dropping into the Apex Games can be at a massive disadvantage if one of their squad members is missing. Whether from a bad internet connection or a troll looking to ruin matches, being a man down can routinely happen.

Apex Mobile has accounted for the occasional leaver by simply turning the abandoned character into a controllable bot that has two preset actions.

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This means that while the team is still down a player, at least the squad still has three bodies to take into a fight. It’s a feature that could provide a lifeline in a bad situation and players want it in the main game.

apex legends mobileRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Mobile is making strides in bringing features players want in the main game.

After seeing Apex Legends Mobile’s ‘Follow’ and ‘Battle’ commands for character bots, some want the devs to expand the system.

“They might as well port Apex Mobile to switch with all of the cool things it’s getting and it would probably run better,” one player said.

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Meanwhile, another person wroye: “Omg this is such a good feature. Apex is becoming popular even before its release now we can take care of our teammates and not leave him behind.”

Respawn has implemented measures in the past to combat leavers and rage quitters to punish a player who abandons the match. But people would also appreciate an initiative to give players still in the game some help should they need it.

Though they would still be at a disadvantage, giving teams a bot after a person leaves could go a long way to mitigating the damage a leaver would have in Apex Legends.

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