ImperialHal slams “boring” Apex Legends ranked & demands drastic changes

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Imperialhal Ranked Apex Legends
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Apex Legends pro player Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has criticized the current state of Ranked, labeling it as “boring” and calling on Respawn to make drastic changes.

For the majority of casual Apex Legends players, standard matches are the perfect balance of competition and fun, allowing them to work on their mechanics but not take it too seriously.

However, there is a portion of the playerbase that wants to know where they stand in terms of skill compared to the rest of the community, and that’s where Ranked comes into play.

With specific tiers and a point-based system that allows competitors to climb the Ranked ladder, it aims to pit players of equal skill against each other.

Despite this, over the last few seasons, there have been a lot of complaints about the state of Ranked queue. Pro player ImperialHal has been one of the most vocal figures on the matter, labeling the mode “boring” and calling on Respawn to make changes.

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Predator is the highest tier in Apex Legends Ranked.

ImperialHal slams “boring” Ranked play in Apex

The state of Ranked has been a controversial topic in the Apex community for a long time, especially amongst pros and top-tier players.

Raising his concerns again on the matter, ImperialHal took to Twitter on March 7 to reveal that he’d been finding Ranked “boring” due to the amount of “bad players” in his matches.

According to him, the matchmaking isn’t balanced and it means the experience isn’t fun for any of the competitors in the games. It’s obvious he believes that the lack of action or changes from Respawn is “now showing the consequences”.

Hal thinks if Ranked continues in the direction that it’s going then more and more players will lose interest and potentially even decide to quit.

Calling for drastic changes once again, Hal has explained exactly what updates he’d like to see in Ranked in the past. These include better matchmaking, demotion, a leaderboard, and of course more rewards.

However, with Respawn’s focus clearly on new events and fresh seasonal content for the game, it’s hard to know whether Ranked is a priority for the devs.

As it doesn’t affect the majority of the casual community, it seems as if Respawn thinks their resources are better allocated elsewhere.