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Apex Legends

Could Apex Legends get a Mirage event announcement at The Game Awards?

Published: 11/Dec/2019 21:07

by Alan Bernal


Respawn Entertainment have been ramping up the hype for Apex Legends’ nominations at The Game Awards, leading fans to believe the devs have something else planned for the annual celebration.

Since 2014, The Game Awards have been a “global celebration of video game and esports,” with the latest iteration to spotlight 2019’s biggest hits in the industry.

This year’s show will premiere on December 12, along with exclusive trailers and possibly brand new worldwide reveals – which could include a look at upcoming events in Apex Legends.

via iLootGamesRumors have been filing in for the next event in Apex Legends.

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Various leaks have released in weeks past revolving around the Holo-Day Bash Christmas event as well as the possible Mirage Town Takeover, and Respawn’s social media activity is suspicious, to say the least.


Respawn’s battle royale has been nominated for four awards at The Game Awards, which include ballots for the Action Game, Community Support, Multiplayer Game, and Ongoing Game categories.

Leading up to The Game Awards, Respawn have been tweeting out lore-appropriate humblebrags featuring the life of the Apex Games, Mirage.

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In fact, since their November 20 recognition of being nominated, “Mirage” has taken over the account four times to make his case for the “Best Competitor in a Battle Royale Based on Skills and Good Looks” category.

While the category might be fake, the possibility for a new trailer teasing an upcoming Apex Legends event is very real.


The company’s December 5 making Mirage’s case for the fictional award included a message saying: “[heart] this tweet to be reminded when I take the stage.”

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Even the following tweets suggest that Mirage will make an appearance on the Thursday show.

The Game Awards have revealed incredible trailers in their history, and that could be the case for Apex Legends as there have been rumors of an in-game mode centered around the Holographic Trickster.

Prominent dataminer ‘That1MiningGuy’ revealed various files which include the “Desertlands_Mirage_TT” keywords linked to “Sleek City.”

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There have already been images leaked for the holiday portion of Apex Legends’ next event that could run in tandem with Mirage’s Town Takeover.


With numerous nominations and swirling rumors around the battle royale, the stage is set for Respawn to make a huge announcement for the next chapter in Apex Legends soon.