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Two ways Octane needs to be buffed in Apex Legends

Published: 11/Dec/2019 13:24

by Matt Porter


An Apex Legends player who believes Octane is too slow has designed two major buffs to speed him up, and make him the game’s quickest character.

For many Apex Legends players, the word ‘speed’ brings one man to mind. Octane, the nickname of adrenaline junkie Octavio Silva, who’s bionic legs carry him around World’s End at lightning pace as he tries to secure victory in the Apex Games.

In reality though, Pathfinder is actually the quickest legend, something which doesn’t sit well with Reddit user NizzyDeniro, who has created a number of buffs for the character’s abilities designed to him him a boost and make him the true speed demon of Apex Legends.


Respawn EntertainmentOctane is a speedy Legend, but many feel Pathfinder is quicker.

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“Octane is a good character,” they write. “He just doesn’t do what he was made for that well. He’s supposed to be the king of flanking but he’s not even that, whereas Pathfinder is a flanking God.”

To solve the issue, NizzyDeniro has proposed changes to all three of Octane’s abilities, starting with his Stim ability, which he would like to see offer him a 40% speed increase rather than 30%, raising the cooldown time to three seconds.

The major changes would come to Passive and Ultimate abilities though. His new Passive would be Run Gunner, allowing him to run with his weapon drawn without taking any decrease in movement speed, while NizzyDeniro calls for more “horizontal and landing control” when using the Jump Pad, and no stagger once he lands back down to earth after his jump.


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While NizzyDeniro signed off their call for changes with an acceptance that he may not receive support, many in the comments immediately backed the changes, saying they were necessary and a good idea.

One commentator wrote that they “need this” to happen, with others saying that he definitely needs a buff.

Whether Respawn Entertainment will move to boost Octane’s abilities and give him a fighting chance against Pathfinder remains to be seen, but it appears that many players would welcome the changes if they were introduced.