All leaked Apex Legends skins for Holo-Day Bash Christmas event

. 3 years ago
Respawn Entertainment

A handful of skins and cosmetics have been leaked for an upcoming holiday-themed event in Apex Legends, believed to be the next ‘collection’ event.

With Season 3 of Apex Legends extended beyond the normal end date, all the way until February, it’s important for Respawn Entertainment to keep players engaged for longer, without a new season launch to look forward to.

With the first-ever holiday period coming up for Apex Legends, which launched in February 2019, it’s no surprise that there will be some Christmas-themed content on the way – after all, we already have snow on the new Season 3 map.

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As data miners often scavenge through the game files after new updates though, the secrets of what is planned for the event have been leaked, with a host of skins and cosmetics revealed early.

So far, Christmas skins have been leaked for a number of the legends, and presumably, there is one for all eleven of them. Thanks to leakers @iLootGames and @That1MiningGuy, we have an up-close look at these leaked skins.

Leaked Holo-Day Bash Apex Legends Skins


Octane is turned into a red-nosed-reindeer for the event.


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Mirage is actually rumored to be the centerpiece of this event, with a new location just for him, and he’s getting a nutcracker skin too.



Caustic is becoming Santa Clause himself for the event.


Crypto appears to getting a Jack Frost-inspired outfit.


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Wattson and Pathfinder

Wattson and Pathfinder haven’t been forgotten about either, as they can be seen in their winter skins alongside Mirage and Octane in this leaked promotional image for the event.



This is the best image leakers have shared so far of the Banglore event skin, and it’s finally one that Bangalore mains can get excited about.


Apex Legends winter cosmetics

This holiday cosmetic drop won’t just be skins either, as weapon charms and new character quips with winter themes have also been leaked.

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Prolific data miner That1MiningGuy even leaked a complete look at upcoming cosmetics, as well as the ‘Winter Express’ train LTM mode that looks like it’ll be themed around Mirage.

Also confirmed from the game code was the name of the collection event, and how the items will be acquired.

There’s no date for the start of the event or when the cosmetics will be added, but we can safely presume it will be here in time for December 25 at the very latest.

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