Apex Legends devs reveal issues they’re working on in Season 5

Respawn Entertainment

Season 5 has given Apex Legends a fresh lease of life, but the developers are also aware of a handful of bugs, glitches, and errors that have cropped up since the big update. Here’s everything they’ve confirmed they’re working on for future patches.

Even on day one of the new update, the developers at Respawn were rolling out small hotfixes to repair bugs that appeared right away.

One of the biggest complaints in the new season has faulty hit registration, meaning that player’s accurate shots are not being counted as hits. A hotfix was rolled out for this too, though it’s unclear if it’s totally solved yet.

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There have also been glitches with both Revenant and Mirage, which Respawn are aware of and working on. For Revenant, he will be stopped mid-way through reviving a teammate, if his death protection wears off while in the revive animation.

And for Mirage, who received a beefy upgrade this season, a bizarre glitch is causing his decoys to fly straight up if the player jumps repeatedly.

Known issues in Apex Legends Season 5

  • Buzzing noise heard during gameplay
  • Reconnect issues
  • Ninja controller layout broken
  • Revenant revive bug
  • Mirage decoys flying high
  • Loading screens/music packs not selecting (PS4)

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Reconnect was an important feature added for Season 5, and one that players were relieved to finally see added for Ranked play. It means you can jump right back into a match if you get disconnected for some reason, avoiding the abandonment penalty/loss of RP.

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But, there are some nasty bugs with the reconnect feature, which see players coming back with no HUD, or in some cases unable to loot.

The Ninja layout for controller players has also been causing a similar issue, stopping players from being able to loot at all in some instances.

Server error screen in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
If you disconnect during a Ranked match you can now reconnect, but it’s a buggy feature currently.

Finally, there is an issue with an apparent ‘buzzing’ noise being heard while in a match, and some players have also reported unpleasant ‘audio pops’. This is also on Respawn’s radar.

It’s unknown when a fix for these issues will be in place, but at least Respawn are aware of them. This isn’t an exhaustive list of all known bugs either, but you can see them in full on the Apex legends Trello board.

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