Apex Legends: Iron Crown event skins revealed

Alan Bernal

The Apex Legends community are getting hyped over the August 6 announcement that revealed, among other things, brand new skins dropping for various characters in the game.

Respawn Entertainment have been on a tear with delivering content that their player base have been vigorously requesting. One such idea is the inclusion of a solo mode, which will be coming to the battle royale for a small stint.

Though players might have been too hyped on the solo mode announcement to notice that the devs also gave a peak into the first of what could be many new skins in the upcoming in-game event.

Respawn EntertainmentThe next Apex Legends event is bringing loads of new content.

In their Twitter announcement, the Apex Legends devs gave a look at a myriad of upcoming designs that are perfectly suited for the Iron Crown Collection Event which will take place on August 13.

“Next week, only one can reign,” the announcement read. “The Iron Crown Collection Event featuring an all-new Solos limited time mode begins 8/13.”

It looks like Mirage, Bloodhound, Lifeline and Bangalore are all getting new designs for the upcoming event in the game.

Though some of the characters only briefly appear, it was just enough for players to get a great view to build up the anticipation for their release.

Mirage’s skin looks similar to a previous red-vested design, but this time he’s got a shiny new set of customized holo devices glittering in gold.

Respawn EntertainmentThe trio look great in their Iron Crown Event skins.

Bloodhound has suited up for their incursions in the Apex Games. The Technological Tracker can be seen in a medieval-style suit of armor complete with bold red feathers peering from their helmet.

Meanwhile, Lifeline is getting an incredible skin that shows her covered in a black outfit with majestic gold trimming, highlighted by what appears to be a mask of some sort.

Finally, Bangalore is looking like a stunner with a new active skin that shows a glimmering chainmail design from the future.

Respawn EntertainmentA closer look at the next Bangalore skin in Apex Legends.

Season 2 has already delivered on similarly epic skins for Caustic as well as Octane, and it looks like the collection is going to grow even further in the Iron Crown Collection Event which will run from August 13 to August 27.

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