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Apex Legends

Apex Legends: Is another Wattson skin on the way?

Published: 4/Aug/2019 19:47 Updated: 4/Aug/2019 20:05

by Eli Becht


Wattson, the newest character in Apex Legends, appears set to receive a brand-new skin according to a new screenshot showing her model.

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The onset of Season 2 in Apex Legends brought numerous new features, the biggest of which being a ranked mode.

However, to keep the ball rolling well after the launch Respawn will need to continue releasing content to keep fans interested. One way to do this would be through cosmetics and that seems like it could be on the horizon.

EAAnother Wattson skin appears to be on the horizon.
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A screenshot has surfaced on Reddit posted by user Euphoriaaa that shows Wattson wearing an outfit that currently isn’t available in the game, leading some to wonder if it’s an unreleased skin.


The skin depicts her in an all-orange outfit with a blue jacket over it. What stands out the most is the fact she is wearing glasses, something she hasn’t done up to this point.

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Whether this will ever end up entering Apex Legends remains to be seen. The various characters do have additional skins but Respawn have never been known for their frequent updates.

If we had to guess, this skin would be part of a bigger update instead of just being on its own, if it’s even coming at all.

Respawn EntertainmentMore Legends seem set to join the current cast of characters.
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Wattson has been a success so far for Apex Legends but leaks and datamines have suggested she’s far from the last character coming to the game.


A lot of information is pointing towards Crypto as the next Legend but now we’re looking even further than that.

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The Legend that’s coming after Crypto is currently rumored to be somebody named Rosie which means we have a decent idea of what’s coming well into the future.

These are just leaks and unconfirmed for right now so don’t take them as absolute fact until Respawn provides some sort of confirmation for us.