Apex Legends exploit drops care packages instantly with Crypto’s drone

Alex Garton. Last updated: May 02, 2022
Crypto Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has demonstrated a Crypto exploit that allows the Surveillance Expert to drop care packages instantly with his drone.

Season 10 of Apex Legends may have added the new Legend Seer, the Rampage LMG, and a host of map changes, but not every player is strictly focused on trying out all the new content.

For a lot of the community, their only goal is mastering a single Legend and learning everything there is to know about their kit.

While anyone can pick up the basics, it’s incredible what interactions, tips, and tricks dedicated players can find out about a Legend.

Well, @rossbobsquirrel showcased their extensive knowledge of Crypto by demonstrating a bug that involves flying his drone underneath a falling care package, making it instantly drop to the ground.

Crypto Drone exploit

Crypto exploit cancels care package fall animation

Care packages can be a life-saver in Apex Legends games, often providing upgraded weapons, armor, and supplies. Of course, as they’re so valuable, they’re often fought over by multiple squads, making them a dangerous objective to secure.

However, an exploit has been discovered that allows Crypto players to cancel the care packages fall animation, making it instantly appear on the ground.

As showcased by @RossBobSquirrel, it involves flying Crypto’s drone up the care package as it’s falling. While in mid-air, open the care package using the drone and this should instantly make the supply drop appear on the ground.

Although this technique only saves around 10 to 15 seconds of time, that could be the difference-maker if another squad is closing in on your position.

It’s worth noting that this is an exploit so it’s possible Respawn will fix it in an upcoming patch. While this isn’t a game-breaking bug that’s going to ruin matches for enemy players, it’s definitely not the way the devs intended Crypto’s drone to interact with care packages.

With the community calling out for a Crypto rework or buff, it’ll be interesting to see which direction Respawn decides to take with the Surveillance Expert.