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Apex Legends players suggest vital changes Arenas mode desperately needs

Published: 30/Aug/2021 15:35

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have detailed some of the changes they’d like to see made to Arenas mode going forward, and they’re not entirely unrealistic. 

Just like other battle royales, Respawn Entertainment has sprinkled in a few different ways to play Apex Legends. There have been limited-time modes galore, but they’ve also been adding some new permanent modes too.

The main one of which has been Arenas. The fast-paced 3v3 mode was introduced at the start of Season 9, and lets players pick a loadout before going into battle.

It’s proven to be pretty popular so far – to the point where NICKMERCS wants other game devs to take a page out of Respawn’s book and use it themselves. However, players still want changes. 


Apex Legends Arenas matchmaking fix
Respawn Entertainment
Arenas has become popular with Apex players.

For most players, the biggest bone of contention with the mode is the matchmaking. It can be wildly inconsistent, especially if you’re teaming with randoms. As a result, some would like the option to surrender if they get left in a 1v3 or 2v3 because someone left.

On top of that, some players just want to be rewarded more for their efforts – be it through challenges or ranked points.  “I will have to win 40 games in a row just to make Diamond. So I gave up. It’s insulting to get 13 points for a win and lose 17 for a loss,” said Redditor StackJr. “Kills and knocks should impact RP,” added another. 


Though, for some fans, they’d like to have more maps available to play at any one time. “I wish all the maps were in rotation all the time so I’m not playing on the same one over and over again,” added ClassroomOk6379. 

IF you could change one thing about Arena what would it be? from apexlegends

Other suggestions include the likes of private lobbies, which has long been requested for the main battle royale mode, as well as bumping it to 5v5 or 6v6 on occasion. 

These aren’t outlandish requests by any means, and Respawn could easily implement them to freshen things up, but it would take attention away from the main BR. So, it’s a balance of what to focus on.