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Apex Legends confirms deadline to claim missing prizes in Collection event

Published: 21/Dec/2021 10:44

by Lauren Bergin


Following an ongoing bug with Apex Legends’ Collection Event’s Prize Tracker, Respawn have confirmed the deadline to claim your missing items. 

Apex Legends’ pirate-themed Collection event, Raiders, has been quite the hit with fans across The Outlands, with Static Defender Wattson finally getting an heirloom fit for the electrical empress that she is.

Unfortunately, Raiders hasn’t been free from hiccups. An ongoing bug has left players grinding through the event’s Prize Tracker with no rewards. While they’ve been appearing as completed on the system, the highly coveted cosmetics and currency appear to have gotten lost at sea.


Respawn have been quick to address the issue, and confirmed that players will be getting their treasures very soon, but they’ll have a deadline to adhere to.

apex legends raiders collection event prize tracker broken
Respawn Entertainment
Sadly all of these pirate-themed rewards continue to be buried beneath the waves.

Apex Legends Collection event Prize Tracker deadline

Players who have completed the Prize Tracker will be able to receive their rewards from Tuesday, December 21, 2021, until January 4, 2022. 

“As a follow up to last week’s @playapex Raiders Prize Tracker bug: We will be granting players impacted all of the rewards they missed out on,” reads an official tweet. “Keep an eye out for those items tomorrow, Tuesday [21 December.]”

“Players MUST log in by Jan 4 to redeem the items, so mark your calendars!” the tweet concludes. So, if you’ve been hard at work trying to snag that adorable little rat gun buddy (aptly titled “Apex Predator”) or Crypto’s new look, make sure you make port between these dates!


While the Apex Games’ notorious hacker won’t be able to participate in the pirate fun for now, avid swashbucklers have a whole collection of Legendary skins to choose from to sate their thirst for all things alcoholic and bloody.

From Bloodhound to Loba, Pathfinder to Valkyrie, Raiders has dropped some of the best Apex skins we’ve seen in a long time. So, as you await your prizes, be sure to check them out and consider adding them to your arsenal.