Apex Legends fans call for Respawn to add hidden feature to Mythic sets like Valkyrie

Connor Bennett
Valkyrie diving with Bladed Descent trail in Apex LEgends

Apex Legends players want Respawn to go back and add dive trails to come Mythic bundles as the one that comes with Valkyrie’s Mythic skin can be used on any legend. 

When it comes to character skins, weapon cosmetics, and other collectibles, Apex Legends has followed hot on the heels of what the likes of Fortnite and H1Z1 first brought to the Battle Royale market. 

Respawn has continued to add brand-new cosmetics every season, especially with new events and the arrival of new legends. Though, they’ve taken things up a notch with the arrival of Mythic skins. 

These skins work just like heirlooms in that only character receives one in a season and they’re pretty pricey to buy. The newest, Valkyrie’s Apex Interceptor set, comes with something the others don’t – a dive trail – but it isn’t specific to her. 

Valkyrie dive trial can be added to any Apex Legends character

That’s right, the new Valkyrie contains a Mythic dive trail as well known as Bladed Descent, and some fans have noted that it can actually be used with any legend. 

Redditor WanderWut flagged the finding after getting their hands on the bundle, and plenty of players had no idea about it. As a result, many suggested that Reespawn needs to go back to the old bundles and open them up to other legends with similar cosmetics. 

“I hope they go back and give the other prestige skins ones as well,” said one. “Now they gotta add the ones for the other mythic skins,” added another. “Well at least they adding more stuff to make it a little better and driving trail would increase its worth,” commented another. 

Equipping the dive trail to the any legend that isn’t Valkyrie is pretty simple. You just follow the usual steps of equipping it via your inventory – there aren’t any special tips or tricks to do so. 

It remains to be seen if the calls will be heard and if Respawn will go back and open up the other Mythic bundles with different cosmetics. Though, fans remain hopeful.

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