Why isn’t there One Piece chapter 1092 this week?

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An image of Luffy in One Piece

One Piece chapter 1092 will feature the fight between Luffy and Kizaru. However, the manga is yet again postponed this week. Read more to find out why.

One Piece has been going on consecutive breaks for a few months now. The series has only recently begun Luffy’s adventures as well as confirmed an Elbaf arc. The recent chapter features the clash between Luffy and Kizaru.

Let’s also not forget about the traitorous Lucci, who attempted to kill Vegapunk again, so Zoro had to stop him. With Oda’s surgery and the live-action, the manga has been side-lined. The manga is in a crucial phase right now as it is transitioning between arcs.

On the bright side, One Piece fans have been really supportive of their favorite mangaka. They’re all mostly concerned about his health despite wanting to see more of Luffy’s adventures. Delve deeper to find out why One Piece chapter 1092 is delayed. 

One Piece chapter 1092 is delayed because of the live-action series


The reason behind the delay is the same as usual – Eiichiro Oda’s busy schedule regarding the live-action promotional tours and interviews. He has been part of the live-action production team since the beginning. As an executive director, he has countless responsibilities. The mangaka overlooked every minor detail of the production. 

He was recently spotted in California at the world premiere of Netflix’s One Piece live-action series, giving various interviews. However, now that the live-action has made its grand debut and become a global success, Oda can finally get a breather. He will now focus on his manga and drop the chapters on regular schedules.

After One Piece chapter 1092, we can expect consecutive chapters. However, like every major mangaka, Oda will continue taking breaks every 3-4 weeks. That’s still reasonable since these breaks are very crucial for the mangaka as they get the much-needed rest.

One Piece chapter 1092 will mostly feature Luffy engaging Kizaru in a one-on-one as well as Zoro fighting Rob Lucci. The recent chapter only shows him kicking Kizaru, and the latter easily blocks it. So, there’s a chance that we might see some more action in the upcoming episode where Luffy will give a tough time to the Marine Admiral.

Now that Luffy and Kizaru exchange blows once again, their impending fight is going to be even more epic than the previous times. Not to mention Zoro, who has also come a long way. The Egghead arc is almost over, and the series is heading toward the upcoming Elbaf arc. Therefore, we may not see a prolonged fight.

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