Oshi no Ko anime’s theme song breaks streaming records again

Savannah Howard
Idol music video by YOASOBISony Music Entertainment Japan

The opening theme for Oshi no Ko has dominated on Spotify since its release back in April 2023. Now the results are in, let’s take a look.

Spotify Wrapped 2023 was released on November 30 and the results will surprise no one. Oshi no Ko anime’s opening theme, YOASOBI’s third single Idol, has dominated on Spotify since its release – so, of course, it was number one.

Anime theme songs often perform well on Spotify. However, YOASOBI’s single, which dominated Japan’s daily charts for three months between April and July 2023, has garnered nominations and won several awards in Japan. This includes The Best Anime Video and the Song of the Year awards at VMA Japan 2023

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So, what makes the single so special?

YOASOBI’s Oshi no Ko theme is Spotify’s most played song in Japan

Oshi no Ko might be one of the biggest anime adaptations of 2023. However, it’s also one of the few anime where the opening theme song has surpassed its success.

If you haven’t heard Oshi no Ko’s theme song, you might think that this statement seems improbable. But with its bubble-gum pop sound and catchy electronic beats, it’s no wonder that its stayed in the general publics minds for almost a year.

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After setting a new record back in July on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 list by recording 14 consecutive weeks at number one, Oshi no Ko has gone from strength to strength, now holding the title of the only song to maintain 20 consecutive weeks on top of Billboard Japan’s charts.

It also managed to gain 300 million total streams within three months of its release, breaking Billboard Japan’s record for the fastest single to make this milestone.

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However, its success doesn’t end there. Known for its bright and poppy sound, Idol’s contributed to Japan’s 2023 musical triumph on Spotify. The song is said to resonate with Japanese pop culture by emphasizing the struggles of idols in the entertainment industry, topped the charts as the most streamed song in Japan and became the second most streamed Japanese song internationally.


Known for their record-breaking hit singles including Idol and Into The Night, musical duo YOASOBI are making a name for themselves in the anime world. So, have you heard any of their theme songs?

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Featuring vocalist Ikura and Vocaloid producer Ayase, this superduo was first formed in 2019. From here the magic began and they created several electro-pop chart-topping singles.

Just like most J-Pop groups, the duo are no strangers to anime – it’s almost like performing an anime theme is a right of passage for musicians in Japan. Along with Oshi no Ko’s chart-topping song Idol, YOASOBI performed the opening and ending theme songs for BEASTARS second season, the opening theme song for the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury anime, and currently airing Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End’s opening theme Yusha.

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While none of these have come anywhere close to the success of Idol, with YOASOBI holding the title of Japan’s most streamed artist internationally for three years running, it’s easy to see how anime is contributing to J-Pop becoming recognized on the world stage.

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