Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 most controversial moments ranked

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An image of Gojo with the main trio in Jujutsu KaisenCrunchyroll

Jujutsu Kaisen is a dark Shonen series popular for several shocking and baffling scenes – so here’s a list of the 10 most controversial moments.

Jujutsu Kaisen is popular for its brutal storytelling, as the story gets darker with each arc. The manga is currently in its final stretch, and the anime’s Season 2 has been making headlines every week as it airs the most intense arc ever.

The series has come a long way since it began, and fans have also gradually lost their favorite characters. While it’s true that the series has an intriguing plot line, Jujutsu Kaisen also features its fair share of controversial moments. 

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Creator Gege Akutami is popular in the fandom for being cruel to his characters, as he doesn’t even spare those he personally likes. Delve deeper to find out the 10 most controversial moments in Jujutsu Kaisen so far. Warning: major spoilers ahead!

10. Jujutsu Kaisen doesn’t hesitate to kill young kids

Jujutsu Kaisen Yuji executionCrunchyroll

The story begins with Yuji Itadori being captured for a secret execution as Satoru Gojo recalls the events that led to the situation. The top brass are more than eager to execute a 15-year-old without even exploring better options. Gojo forces them to delay the execution. 

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But once Gojo leaves Tokyo for a while, the first thing those higher-ups do is send the first years on a dangerous mission, knowing they have no chance of surviving. Killing Yuji is the priority, but they also put Megumi and Nobara in danger just to put pressure on Gojo. In the prequel movie also, they force the issue with Yuta’s execution, who is also 15 years old. 

Gojo is more than capable of guiding Yuta to control curses and keep Rika at bay. But the higher-ups only want the kid’s death. Considering that they’re responsible for protecting others, their eagerness to kill innocent kids goes against everything they stand for.

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9. Sukuna uses a fire arrow without revealing his technique

Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2Crunchyroll

Sukuna vs Jogo in the Shibuya Incident is one of the best moments in Jujutsu Kaisen, but what makes it controversial is the never-before-seen technique of the King of Curses. Fire ability is rare in the series, and Sukuna has always used techniques that include slashing and cutting his targets.

However, his innate technique (although still unknown) turns out to be something that allows him to use more than one attribute. He chants something before saying, “Open,” and he unlocks his fire abilities.

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Sukuna also says that he won’t cheat by revealing his technique since that would increase his power. Therefore, his innate technique remains unknown to this day. Even though he has unleashed his true form in the manga, fans don’t have a clue about his true power.

8. Choso’s false memories still need an explanation

Jujutsu Kaisen Choso false memoriesCrunchyroll

Choso vs Yuji is one of the most popular moments in Jujutsu Kaisen. The Curse Womb: Death Painting doesn’t waste a second before attacking Yuji in Shibuya. He wants to avenge his brothers Eso and Kechizu by killing Yuji.

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The fight is brief but intense. Choso easily overpowers Yuji while displaying the full extent of his Blood Manipulation Technique. However, just before Choso is about to kill him, a false memory plays in his head. The memory includes all his siblings having a fun outing, and Yuji is one of them.

It takes a while for Choso to realize that the memory is false, but he still considers Yuji his brother since they’re both related to Kenjaku. However, the series never explains why Choso has that memory and leaves it to our imagination.

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7. Eso’s manga design leaves little to the imagination

Jujutsu Kaisen panel featuring EsoManga Plus

Eso is a minor character in the series, and he’s one of the Curse Womb: Death Paintings like his brother Choso. He and Kechizu fight Yuji and his classmates in the Death Painting arc. Like his brothers, his abilities also include Blood Manipulation. 

He also has a unique trait that helps him in battle: a grotesque face on his back. However, Eso’s manga design is a bit too revealing for Shonen fans. He sports a band around his chest, which holds up suspenders connected to a thong and leggings. 

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Eso claims that his attire is suitable for the face on his back; otherwise, it gets stuffy. Nonetheless, the manga design was not appropriate for the genre. Thankfully, the anime changed his original character design since the leggings and thong are one piece of clothing. 

6. Ogi Zenin volunteers to kill his daughters

Jujutsu Kaisen manga panel of Ogi dragging Maki and MaiManga Plus

Even the most vile beasts would hesitate before extending their claws toward their children. However, Ogi Zenin is one despicable character who not only supports the Zenin Clan’s plan to murder Maki and Mai but also volunteers to do the job for them. 

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The scene where he drags the twins and plans to kill them is downright disturbing. Ogi believes he is unable to become the Clan head because his daughters are “failures” of the Zenin Clan. As the sisters are on death’s door, Mai sacrifices her life for Maki’s sake. 

She creates a cursed tool for Maki, and with Mai’s death, the former unlocks the true extent of her Heavenly Restricted body. Ogi gets the death he deserves – at the hands of his daughter, whom he always disregarded for being weak.

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5. Gojo’s words to Geto before killing him are still unknown

Jujutsu Kaisen movie Gojo and GetoCrunchyroll

Gojo killing his best friend Geto will always be one of the most heartwrenching moments in Jujutsu Kaisen. During their high school years, the two stood at the pinnacle of the Jujutsu world as the strongest duo. However, it wasn’t long before tragedy struck, and they went on separate ways.

Geto is the main antagonist of the prequel movie. Although Yuta defeats him, Gojo is the one who ends Geto’s life. After asking Geto to say his final words, Gojo tells him something that is never revealed in the manga and anime.

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In response, Suguru gives a sad smile and says, “At least hit me with some curse at the end.” Gojo’s final words to his best friend remain unknown to this day. Many believe Gojo’s words were something like, “You’re my best friend,” after Gege Akutami had hinted in an interview that the answer lies in the prequel movie. However, there’s no concrete evidence to back that up.

4. The implication behind Naoya’s statement about Mai

A panel from Jujutsu Kaisen mangaManga Plus

Naoya Zenin is a misogynist character who fully embodies the patriarchal society of the Jujutsu world. He tells Maki and Mai’s mother that a woman who can’t walk three paces behind a man should be stabbed in the back.

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As someone who has looked down on women his entire life, Naoya meets a befitting end at the hands of Maki and her mother. Since Maki’s mother lands the final blow without any cursed energy, Naoya returns as a vengeful spirit and attacks Mai, and Noritoshi Kamo also gets caught in the fight.

When the Cursed Naoya mocks Maki for being a child, the latter asks if he has ever been an adult. Naoya simply responds with another question, “How about asking Mai?” which makes Maki furious. Although the series didn’t dwell too much on it, the implication of sexual assault couldn’t be clearer. It’s even more appalling if we consider the fact that Mai and Naoya are actually cousins. 

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3. Gojo gradually gets removed from the story

An image of Gojo getting sealed in Jujutsu KaisenCrunchyroll

No other Jujutsu Kaisen character is more loved in the fandom than Gojo. He is an important part of the story as well, but surprisingly enough, he gets sealed for more than three years in the manga. Although only 20 days have passed in the story, fans couldn’t help but miss their favorite character all those years.

Gojo gets sealed inside the Prison Realm after falling for Kenjaku’s trap and doesn’t appear in several arcs. His role also significantly lessened after that, and he couldn’t make up for it. Even after getting unsealed, he appears for about 15 chapters before dying at the hands of Sukuna.

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It’s surely shocking that one of the most important characters in the story is so conveniently removed from the plot and loses his importance. However, Gojo’s disappearance and death cleared the way for other characters to shine. 

2. Nobara’s death remains unconfirmed to this day

An image of Nobara Kugisaki from ShibuyaCrunchyroll

Nobara’s supposed death is one of the most controversial moments in Jujutsu Kaisen history. She loses against Mahito after getting a graze on her face. The scene quickly changes to a flashback after Nobara touches her face.

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After the flashback ends, Nobara asks Yuji to tell everyone that “it wasn’t so bad” before collapsing from her wounds bursting up. All these hints are more than enough to justify her death, but suddenly, Aoi Todo arrives there with Arata Nitta.

Arata stops her bleeding with his technique and takes her away to rescue her. He doesn’t guarantee her survival but still tries his best to get her treatment. That’s the last we see of Nobara, and the series never once explained if she survived or not. Considering that it’s been almost four years, Nobara’s return doesn’t seem likely.

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1. Gojo’s death sparked fury in the fandom

A panel from Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 236 with Gojo's farewellShueisha

No other moment in Jujutsu Kaisen has triggered fans as much as Gojo’s death did. Fans were enjoying the battle of the strongest for a few months as they witnessed the ultimate clash between Gojo and Sukuna.

Gojo never once doubted his victory, while the King of Curses had more than a few tricks up his sleeve. The fight continued for 13 chapters and ended with the death of the strongest sorcerer in the modern era. However, what’s infuriating is that Chapter 235 almost confirms Gojo’s victory, but Chapter 236 suddenly kills him off-screen. 

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Not only that, but the author also jokes about missing a chapter in between. Whether Gojo’s death was justified or not doesn’t change the fact that the series was trending worldwide – and not in a good way. Many were even sending death threats to Gege Akutami. Although the heat has died down, fans are still upset about losing their beloved character and continue to hope for his return.

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