One Piece: Kaido notices a problem with Luffy’s Gear 5

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As the recent One Piece episode intensifies the battle between Kaido and Luffy, the villain notices something strange about Gear 5.

The highly anticipated Gear 5 in One Piece returns in the recent episode, which features the intense battle between Luffy and Kaido. Although the fight looks goofy, the fact that two terribly strong pirates are clashing head-on cannot be denied.

After his transformation, Luffy becomes delirious and doesn’t pay any mind to Kaido, who wants to ask a few questions. Furthermore, Luffy’s powers are too bizarre to be categorized within the range of Paramecia or Zoan.

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The devil fruit awakening allows Luffy to transform into Sun God Nika as well as grants him a rubbery body and the ability to change his surroundings into rubber. Luffy is even able to change Kaido’s body into rubber. As Kaido gets the beating of his life, he notices a strange problem with Luffy’s Gear 5 in One Piece.

Kaido realizes that Luffy appears to be like someone else in One Piece

A still from One PieceCrunchyroll

In the recent episode, Kaido is baffled by Luffy’s strange transformation. Upon awakening their devil fruits, no one has ever shown the characteristics of both Paramecia and Zoan. For now, only Gorosei is aware of the true extent of Luffy’s abilities.

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Additionally, Luffy shows a drastic change in behavior after his devil fruit awakening. He laughs maniacally and even looks delirious. The only thing on Luffy’s mind is beating up Kaido. He isn’t even sane enough to have a proper conversation.

As such, it doesn’t take long for Kaido to realize something is wrong with Luffy. As one of the most important One Piece villains, Kaido is not a fool. Therefore, he asks Luffy to confirm his identity. At that time, Luffy snaps out of his deliriousness and answers his name seriously. He also declares how he will surpass the Yonko.

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Nonetheless, the fact that Kaido asked Luffy a question like that means he sees someone else in the young pirate. It’s unclear whether or not Kaido saw Joy Boy in Luffy or Sun God Nika. Considering the villain’s obsession with Joy Boy, he may have realized something.

However, after hearing Luffy’s answer, Kaido doesn’t show any signs of suspicion and simply continues with the fight. The hint may be subtle, but that’s not very new in One Piece. It’s always the minor details that reveal something significant in the future.

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