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How to make millions from Animal Crossing money trees with time travel

Published: 22/Apr/2020 3:33

by Isaac McIntyre


Turns out, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, money ⁠(read: bells) — and lots of it ⁠— really does grow on trees. In fact, you can even wipe away your mountain of debts to Tom Nook with one simple time-bending trick.

Money trees have long been a part of the Animal Crossing franchise. It came as no surprise then that New Horizons saw the glorious return of the rare bell-making scheme that defies the age-old saying “money doesn’t grow on trees.”

For most, planting their 10,000 bells and digging it up three times that days later is second nature in New Horizons. It’s an easy way to make a little extra cash, and finance that much needed extra bridge. But you can dream even bigger still.

Here are the basics: every day there will be a glowing spot hidden somewhere on your island. Dig it up to find some bells ⁠— often just 1,000 ⁠— but don’t fill the hole in! If you bury 10k bells in this new hole, you’re well on your way.

A few days later, your tree will be fully grown, and you can snag 30k bells for your efforts. But what if you could reliably turn your simple 30k money tree into a 100k money tree without the fear of losing bells? Here’s how.

Money trees are a surefire way to make a few extra bells in Animal Crossing.
Money trees are a surefire way to make a few extra bells in Animal Crossing.

How to make millions with Animal Crossing money trees

Money trees are always good for a little extra cash. As your island continues to grow though, your ambitions become bigger ⁠— like terraforming your entire village ⁠— and you’ll need every last bell in the bank.

The problem is, money trees have a risk factor to them. Planting 10k bells is safest, because you will always get 30k in return. Some Animal Crossing fans live on the braver side, burying up to 99k. They often lose their bells.

There is a solution though ⁠— time travel. Mucking around with your Switch’s date settings is a surefire way to guarantee your 99k bells get turned into 297k:

  1. Find a rare glowing dig spot for your money tree.
  2. Bury 99,000 bells, and confirm a sapling has sprouted.
  3. Go to the home screen and close Animal Crossing.
  4. Head over to System Settings and select “date and time.” Turn off the “synchronize clock via the internet” option here.
  5. Set your time and date to 40 years in the future, e.g. If you are doing this on April 22, 2020, make sure you go to April 22, 2060.
  6. Open Animal Crossing back up and check your tree. It should have a guaranteed 297,000 bells waiting for you!
You'll be rolling in Animal Crossing bells before you know it with this money tree trick.
You’ll be rolling in Animal Crossing bells before you know it with this money tree trick.

Consequences of time travel in Animal Crossing

Be warned, using the time-traveling glitch in New Horizons doesn’t come without its dangers too. You may not get in trouble for “cheating” the game, but there are a few things that could happen to your island you may be wary of.

Firstly, you could lose your Nook Stop Streak Bonus. If you time travel too far into the future, these free miles could easily disappear. Secondly, your turnips may go bad, leaving you with no way to make money in the Stalk Market.

There are a few gross results too. Cockroaches may appear in your home because you have been away. You’ll have to stomp these little critters away. Weeds may also grow across your island, and in your home as well.

Lastly, your mailbox will be piled to the brim. You may have vanished into the future to bag those free bells, but the world continued on without you for a while. And you’ll wake up with a bedhead ⁠— maybe the worst consequence of all?

Making big Bells fast means you'll have to wave goodbye to some neighbors and be ready to pull some weeds.
Making big Bells fast means you’ll have to wave goodbye to some neighbors and be ready to pull some weeds.

Of course, this method may leave a sour taste in some player’s mouths. It’s technically a bug or “cheat.” Plenty of fans are keen to stick to more lawful ways of making lots of bells in their Animal Crossing adventures, and that’s fine too.

If you’re going to avoid the time travel glitches, we recommend only planting 10k for each of the money trees you uncover. It’s the safest way to avoid losing cash, and 20k profit for just finding a rare digging patch ain’t bad either!


Animal Crossing player creates perfect Pokemon Center in New Horizons

Published: 6/Jan/2021 1:02

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon player made waves on social media after faithfully recreating a Pokemon Center in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing’s latest outing, New Horizons, was the breakout hit of 2020. Since its debut in March, the lovable Nintendo title has taken over social media as players around the world share their unique creations.

One Pokemon fan used the the game’s new editing tools to accurately build a Pokecenter in the social simulation title. Their stunning recreation of the iconic RPG location is one of the best things you will see all week.

Nintendo (via Twitter: @triforcemeg)
New Horizons’ features let players create their wildest dreams.

Pokemon fan creates Pokemon Center in Animal Crossing

Originally releasing on the GameCube in 2001, Animal Crossing has become a juggernaut for Nintendo. Its latest release, New Horizons, has given players an unprecedented amount of freedom to shape their island to their wildest imaginations.

Using the new game mechanics, a Pokemon fan set out to recreate what is perhaps the most iconic location in the Game Freak RPG – a Pokecenter. Artist ‘acnh.pokeland‘ shared their incredible project on the r/AnimalCrossing and r/Pokemon subreddits on January 5. “Pokéland is now opened!! 1st section: The Pokémon Center!!” they wrote.

The image shows the user’s Animal Crossing avatar adorably posing in Nurse Joy’s signature medical uniform. The artist creatively used various New Horizons items to bring the location to life, such as a pink shirt behind the counter featuring a Blissey design, and round hats patterned to look like Pokeballs.

animal crossing pokemon center
Reddit: u/ACQueen48
ACQueen48 created the Pokemon Center in New Horizons.

Pokemon fans praised the creator’s work, such as one user who exclaimed, “This is so cool!!! You did an amazing job on these.” Another player agreed and wrote, “Wow! I heard the music in my head as soon as I saw the pic! Great Job!”

Screenshot of Pokemon fans reacting to Animal Crossing Pokemon Center.

Incredibly this isn’t the only location the talented fan has created in New Horizons. Over on their Instagram account, they showed off images of their Poke-Mart as well. Longtime players of the RPG will remember the in-game store used to be a separate building up until Gen IV.

This isn’t the first time Pokemon fans have gotten creative in the Switch title. In May, one Animal Crossing user recreated battle Stadiums from the RPG. Players in July also used the custom Fireworks feature to light up the sky with popular ‘mon.

Despite releasing only at the beginning of 2020, New Horizons is already the second highest-selling game in Japan of all time. The social simulation title has sparked the imaginations of millions – including many creative Pokefans.