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How to get all 21 wands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Published: 19/Apr/2020 19:30 Updated: 19/Apr/2020 19:32

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Magic wands are a brand-new feature that was introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that allow you to change your outfit on the fly, and there are 21 different variants. Here’s how to find all the recipes and craft them all.

Clothing has always been an important factor in any fan’s Animal Crossing gameplay, since it adds an element of individuality and personalization to make everyone’s character unique. Whether you’re buying threads from the Able Sisters or using custom designs from the internet, there’s a billion different options to choose from.

Magic wands make switching styles easier than ever in New Horizons, as it lets players save multiple outfits and switch into them with a simple “swish and flick” – Harry Potter style. There are 21 types of wand to find and craft, so keep reading to discover how you can get them.

How to find and craft magic wands in New Horizons

First thing’s first, you need to seek out Celeste – Blathers’ little sister with a burning passion for astronomy, astrology, and everything celestial. She appears randomly during shooting star nights, though she has been known to pop up on a regular night, too. Her job in the latest Animal Crossing title is to inform players about meteor showers, whereas she’d previously had a section in the Museum where she’d teach players about stars and constellations using her telescope.

She hands out one crafting recipe per visit, which can be Space, Zodiac, or Wand-themed – the latter obviously being what you’re looking for. Sadly, there’s no set way of guaranteeing she gives you a wand DIY, as it’s actually just random and comes down to pure luck. Not all of the magic items come from Celeste, though.

What’s important is that during meteor showers, you wish on every shooting star that comes your way. You’ll know when to do so when you hear a chime noise – this means there’s one in the sky, so angle your camera up and press A while empty-handed, and your character will make a praying motion of sorts. The next day, your beach will be littered with Star Fragments, which you need in order to craft each wand.

Make sure you wish on as many stars as you can!

Each wand and how to find and make them can be found below:

  • Cherry-blossom wand – From a message in a bottle, villager, or balloon drop during cherry blossom season (April 1 through 10), 3x Cherry Blossom Petals, 3x Star Fragments
  • Tulip wand – Random from Celeste, 3x Star Fragments, 1x Red Tulip
  • Cosmos wand – Random from Celeste, 3x Star Fragments, 1x White Cosmos
  • Rose wand – Random from Celeste, 3x Star Fragments, 1x Red Rose
  • Windflower wand – Random from Celeste, 3x Star Fragments, 1x Orange Windflower
  • Hyacinth wand – Random from Celeste, 3x Star Fragments, 1x Pink Hyacinth
  • Lily wand – Random from Celeste, 3x Star Fragments, 1x White Lily
  • Mums wand – Random from Celeste, 3x Star Fragments, 1x Yellow Mum
  • Pansy wand –Random from Celeste, 3x Star Fragments, 1x Yellow Pansy
  • Tree branch wand – Random from Celeste, 5x Tree Branch, 3x Star Fragments
  • Bamboo wand – From a message in a bottle, villager, or balloon drop during the Spring months, 3x Star Fragments, 6x Young Spring Bamboo
  • Star wand – From Celeste the very first time you talk to her, 3x Star Fragments, 1x Large Star Fragment
  • Wand – Random from Celeste, 2x Star Fragments
  • Ice wand – From Snowboy during the Winter months, 1x Large Snowflake, 3x Star Fragments
  • Bunny Day wand – From Zipper T. on Bunny Day (April 12) after all other Easter recipes have been crafted, 3x Star Fragments, 1x Wobbling Zipper Toy
  • Golden wand – Random from Celeste, 3x Star Fragments, 2x Gold Nuggets
  • Iron wand – Random from Celeste, 3x Iron Nuggets, 3x Star Fragments
  • Mushroom wand – From a message in a bottle, villager, or balloon drop during the Fall months, 3x Thin Mushrooms, 3x Star Fragments
  • Shell wand – Random from Celeste, 3x Star Fragments, 3x Summer Shells
  • Fish wand – From C.J. during the Fishing Tourney (item, not DIY)
  • Bug wand – From Flick during the Bug Off (item, not DIY)
You’ll need to craft most of the wands in order to get them.

Obviously, it takes a lot of Star Fragments in order to make all of the DIYs, so it’s worth trying to wish on as many shooting stars as you can during a meteor shower to increase your chances of finding them washed up on your beach the next day.

If you’re having a hard time trying to get the owl to give you the right crafting recipes, it’s also worth seeing what your friends have as they might be willing to trade, or even let you onto their islands when she’s visiting so you can get an extra blueprint from her.

Animal Crossing

Why Animal Crossing’s hairstyles are dividing the community

Published: 23/Nov/2020 14:45

by Alice Hearing


Animal Crossing: New Horizons players appear to be quite divided on one part of the new winter update, as it allowed for a more inclusive range of hairstyles.

On November 19, Nintendo enabled the game’s winter update. Excitement has revolved around new hip reactions that will let them sit on the ground, do workouts and yoga, like many have seen their villagers do on their islands.

The content refresh also includes six new hairstyles: afro, afro puffs, cornrows, buzz cut with faded sides, voluminous curls, and even a bald look. New additions have been a welcome change for people of color playing the game, who wanted to see themselves represented.

Previous versions of the game came under fire for a lack of representation. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, some players were forced to play around with the tan feature to give their characters their actual skin tone.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons hairstyle winter update
Nintendo added six new hairstyles to the game in its Winter update

While New Horizons finally represents a far wider variety of skin tones, players felt that not enough had been done for representation and even created a petition in August asking for more inclusive hairstyles.

The campaign ended in victory, but the update has actually been dividing the community on Twitter. A debate has erupted as to whether it can be deemed cultural appropriation if white players use some of the new hairstyles.

It all began on the day after the update launched when user stardewleaf tweeted an image of a white in-game character with what they called “Space buns”. It has sparked a huge debate with many people taking offense that a white user was using a hairstyle added to represent people of color.

One user responded: “They’re not space buns, they’re afro puffs made for POC”, while another explained why people had taken offense, adding: “The reason people are p**sed off is because we don’t really have a lot of hair options that represent us in Animal Crossing, and you do. Then you specifically choose that one, despite what you others pick from.”

Another person defended the style, saying: “As a white person with curly hair, these could in fact be what a white girl’s bun looks like. They’re both afro puffs and buns, games are games.”

Several other people commented that they felt the debate as a whole was ridiculous and trivial: “No one who gets mad at another person enjoying a hairstyle in a video game is worth listening to.”

The original tweet now has more than 5,000 responses and the number still continues to grow.

In general terms, the decision to have additional hairstyles and more representation incorporated into the Animal Crossing world has been a popular move.