Logan Paul irate after Apple TV+ documentary posted for free on YouTube

Virginia Glaze

Logan Paul is fuming after journalist Graham Bensinger published a documentary about him for free on his personal YouTube, despite inking a deal to sell the project to Apple TV+.

YouTube star turned WWE heel Logan Paul isn’t happy with famed journalist Graham Bensinger, whom he let into his life for a five-month period to film a documentary that he believed would be streamed on Apple TV+.

He was left stunned when he saw it published on Bensinger’s YouTube channel for anyone to watch for free — something that left him irate.

“I thought he had my best interests in line, because I trusted this guy to do a profile on my life,” he said in a heated interview with TMZ. “I let him in for five months under the pretense that it was gonna be a show on Apple TV, and yesterday it airs on his YouTube channel.”

“I’m in a weird position, because although I think the piece was okay, the whole experience had been soured for me because I put my story into the hands of someone who I don’t think was really looking out for me.”

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In response, Bensinger said he was “bummed to hear that” from Paul, explaining that the documentary was “originally intended for a streaming platform” but that it “didn’t work out” in the end.

Paul shot back with the receipts, showing off printed emails from Bensinger’s team claiming that the show would be streamed on Apple TV+ — which he says was the only reason he agreed to let Bensinger run the profile on him, in the first place.

“I gave you everything I have. I opened up to you. I was vulnerable. I let you into my house on Christmas, because I thought the show would go onto Apple. But instead, you plastered it on your personal YouTube channel.”

Despite Graham claiming that the documentary would still be run on multiple official news stations like CBS, NBC, and Fox, Paul said that isn’t “what I signed up for.”

In fact, Paul claimed that he believes Paul “used” him to sell a pilot, calling the journalist “manipulative” after Bensinger claimed to have told Paul’s manager where the episode would be aired.

That’s not all; Bensinger even claimed that Paul had asked for certain aspects of his life story to be “removed,” including the drama surrounding his CryptoZoo NFT project and his infamous scandal in Japan’s “suicide forest.”

“I didn’t sign up to be on Graham Bensinger’s personal YouTube channel,” Paul retorted. “No offense, dude. I signed up to be syndicated on Apple TV.

This latest news follows Paul claiming he wants a rematch with Floyd Mayweather nearly two years after his initial bout with the undefeated boxer.