David Dobrik admits he’d “do anything” to reverse Jeff Wittek accident

YouTube: Jeff Wittek, VIEWS

YouTube star David Dobrik has finally addressed his ongoing drama with podcaster Jeff Wittek shortly after Wittek publicly cut ties with him over issues stemming from a 2021 injury.

David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s most prolific vloggers. Best known for his over-the-top videos with his friend group ‘The Vlog Squad,’ Dobrik often films himself and his buddies getting into all manner of shenanigans.

While his exploits have earned him a travel show on Discovery+, one of the vlogger’s past stunts garnered severe backlash online after his friend got seriously injured as a result.

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Barber, podcast host, and influencer Jeff Wittek — a former part of the Vlog Squad — nearly lost an eye after being swung around on a crane in the middle of a lake, which Dobrik was operating at the time of the incident.

Jeff Wittek eye injury hospitalInstagram: jeffwittek
Podcast host Jeff Wittek suffered a severe eye injury after a stunt with the Vlog Squad went wrong.

The two influencers have been at odds ever since, and in February 2022, Wittek publicly cut ties with Dobrik after not hearing from him after yet another corrective surgery, notably calling his former friend a “scumbag.”

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David Dobrik apologizes for Jeff Wittek eye injury

Dobrik has finally addressed the situation two weeks later, saying in a March 8 episode of his VIEWS podcast, stating that he’d do “anything” to reverse Wittek’s injury.

“The Jeff thing is the f**kin’ worst,” Dobrik admitted. “That day is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me, and I would do anything to take that day back. I’m shaking.”

“I wish it was me up there,” he continued. “It’s the most unfortunate thing ever, and it’s an accident. That’s what it was. I want to make that clear. There’s never a world where I want to have that happen to a person. I was never up there, driving the thing, wanting to hurt someone.”

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jeff wittek message Instagram DM excavatorYouTube: VIEWS
David Dobrik shared a screen recording of Instagram messages from Wittek appearing to suggest the excavator stunt to him.

Dobrik went on to speculate that one of the current reasons Wittek is upset with him is that he’d discussed Wittek’s private matters during a previous interview, saying, “he’s pissed that I broke a promise.”

The vlogger went on to call the ensuing drama and online commentary regarding Wittek’s injury “f**king insane.”

Dobrik also claimed that he felt like he was “taking 150% of the responsibility” for the accident, revealing text messages that show Wittek allegedly suggesting he do the excavator stunt.

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“People thought I really sent him up there just so he can swing off this thing. That is not the case. …it was a combined decision we made, and it was a complete accident. I’m so f**king sorry it happened, but there’s no going back from that.”

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Wittek has yet to respond to Dobrik’s latest comments at the time of publication.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated here with any further developments.

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