IShowSpeed learns hockey with NHL pro and instantly gets into fight

Michael Gwilliam
ishowspeed playing hockey and fighting

YouTube star IShowSpeed brought his soccer skills to the ice when he learned how to play hockey with Montreal Canadiens forward Cole Caufield and even got into his first fight.

IShowSpeed has shown he’s one of the most athletic streamers around, doing backflips with Peter Griffin impersonators in KFC and even taking finishing moves at WrestleMania. Now, he’s moving onto the world of hockey.

In a new video, Speed met up with Cole Caufield who presented him with his own custom jersey and equipment to get started on the ice.

After learning some of the basics and how to skate effectively, Speed tried his luck at scoring and even pulled off a soccer-style header goal.

Things got a bit intense when it came time to partake in an actual game, though as Speed continuously fell victim to body checks from an opposing player.

Once more, the streamer broke out a soccer move in the form of a slide tackle and it wasn’t long before IShowSpeed dropped the gloves to engage in his first-ever hockey fight.

Although he stopped short of firing off real haymakers, Speed definitely showed potential as a legitimate enforcer by manhandling his opponent before calling over Caufield to break up the scrap.

When all was said and done, Speed explained that he wasn’t expecting hockey to be so difficult.

“You can see by the look on my face. I’m done. It’s hard,” he admitted while sitting in the locker room. “It may look super stupid on camera, but it’s way harder than it looks. It’s like playing two sports – ice skating and it’s a stick and a puck.”

This latest broadcast comes just one month after IShowSpeed partook in the 2024 Gloucestershire cheese rolling competition and even ended up coming in fourth despite not preparing at all.

With so much athletic potential, it’s anyone’s guess what sport Speed tries his luck at next as it seems like there’s no limit to what he’s willing to try.