WoW Shadowlands streamers discover game-breaking dungeon bug

Blizzard Entertainment

WoW Shadowlands has breathed new life into the Mythic+ sector, but some WoW players have found a game breaking Sanguine Depths bug live on Twitch. 

When you release an expansion as big as Blizzard’s recent World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, there’s bound to be a few bugs along the way.

We’ve seen issues plaguing Bastion’s stunning dungeon, Spires of Ascension, where the Archon’s Spear consistently misses Devos, the final boss. Left having to melt the Paragon’s health with very little time left, the dungeon has become unplayable for some Mythic+ fans.

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It seems like Bastion’s heavenly vista isn’t the only place having issues though, because its antithesis Revendreth, also has a few bugs in the Sanguine Depths.

WoW Shadowlands Sanguine Depths bug

WoW Shadowlands Sanguine DepthsBlizzard Entertainment
Kryxis the Vorcatious gets the best of these streamers, but not for the right reason.

Midway through streaming a series of high keys, raider for top guild Pieces Andybrew uncovers a pretty gamebreaking bug.

While tanking the first boss, Kryxis the Vorcatious, the demon slams his fist into the ground and sends the team flying.

In Andy’s case, though, he’s punted right to the edge of the platform. It looks like a pretty close save, right until the game informs him that he’s been killed.

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“What the f**k? How does that count as falling off… Oh my God dude, how does that count as falling off? I didn’t even fall off and it greyed out my screen… Holy f**k dude that is such a scam.”

When his teammates see the clip, they think the exact same thing. As each player watches they all exclaim in shock, agreeing that there was no way that the tank main should have toppled off of the map.

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While he explains that he was a little too close to the edge and therefore had a part to play in the issue, fellow squad members Naguura and co all note that the bug simply shouldn’t be there.

Naguura simply exclaims “what the hell… oh no…” while Shox notes that “you fell off when you could have just walked back, they need to fix this.”

And it’s pretty clear they’re not wrong. Considering high level dungeons are timed, losing any player sets the squad back a bit. In this case, because Andy was tanking, there’s no way to go on without him.

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It’ll be interesting to see if Blizzard fix this issue, especially because Naguura and Andy both mention that it occurs on Sire Denathrius in Castle Nathria as well.

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