Twitch streamer Naguura clears up WoW boosting drama after fan backlash

WoW Twitch Streamer naguuraTwitter: Naguura, Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft has become ever more popular since the release of Shadowlands, and so has Twitch streamer Caroline ‘Naguura’ Forer. After a series of boosting allegations, the WoW player has cleared up any rumors.

As with any title, the idea of “boosting” (playing with high level players in order to level up quickly yourself) has become somewhat taboo. With suspected players taking both in-game and online abuse, the issue transcends the virtual sphere.

Prominent WoW streamer and former pro player Naguura has become the target of a whole host of people slamming her for being boosted despite it being completely legal within the WoW system.

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Naguura has opened up to Dexerto before about how her gender seems to feed into these rumors, but has recently grasped the debate with both hands on stream and shut down her haters.

Naguura gets boosted in WoW Arena

Naguura WoW StreamerInstagram: Naguura
Naguura has hit back at her haters regarding boosting in WoW.

In a YouTube video dated January 11, the South Tyrollean discussed being boosted to 2.4k in the PvP arena.

Acknowledging that the video was likely to upset some WoW fans, she explains that she took the boost because she “is by no means a PvP player” but wanted to upgrade her weapon arsenal with “233 item level weapons” to help “the progression that we’re doing in Mythic Castle Nathria with my guild.”

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She further discusses the fact that she wouldn’t have the time to grind through the Arena, and therefore elected to spend the gold that she received boosting another player to help increase her level.

As expected, the “bad comments” have plagued her since the video was released, but in a March 19 stream Naguura nipped the issue in the bud before it continued to spiral.

Boosting drama gets shut down

Throughout the stream the WoW player was continually being harassed about boosting, and has been for some time now. This time, though, she made her thoughts very known.

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Clearly frustrated at having the issue resurface in her Twitch chat, she responded “you clearly just wanted to say that I’m boosted because that sentence is completely irrelevant to what I just said.”

She later revisits the topic, explaining those who were attacking her that the reason that no one is admitting to being boosted is because of the backlash that she has received.

“I publicly talked about being boosted, and streamed it, and look at all the backlash I’ve gotten ever since. The amount of people constantly calling me boosted now — people are saying I shouldn’t be an MDI (Mythic Dungeon International) caster because because I get boosted in PvP.”

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She ends the sequence asking people “would you rather people get boosted and not talk about it,” and continuing that, if boosting is so upsetting then Blizzard are the ones to contact.

It’s pretty clear that Naguura is very done with discussing the issue, but she raises an important point regarding the toll that backlash can have on members of the gaming community.

We’ll have to wait and see if the issue continues to plague her, or whether or not this will be the final nail in a very irritating coffin.

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