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WoW Shadowlands bug is ruining Spires of Ascension dungeon

Published: 15/Mar/2021 12:24

by Lauren Bergin


WoW Shadowlands brought with it eight new dungeons to explore. Bastion’s dungeon, Spires of Ascension, however, has a major bug that is making the last boss impossible to complete. 

A major part of the World of Warcraft universe is the dungeons. With Shadowlands introducing eight more to the fray, players all across WoW have been gathering their guild members to take on some of the game’s newest challenges.

With all of this new content, however, comes a whole slew of irritating bugs. The heavenly Bastion has been the site of a few of these, including a bounce hitbox issue that is ruining the Flight School Up and Away World Quest.


This time, another glitch has popped up in the angelic zone, but now it’s in the Spires of Ascension.

WoW Shadowlands Spires glitch

Shadowlands Bastion Arena
Blizzard Entertainment
Bastion might look beautiful, but there’s a lot of issues lurking under the surface.

Don’t let Bastion’s heavenly visage fool you – there’s a serious bug plaguing the iconic Kyrian kingdom. The issue is affecting the final boss in Spires of Ascension, the area’s dungeon.

Using Kyrian spears in order to take down Devos, the Paragon of Doubt, players are supposed to be able to chunk the fallen angel down in order to defeat them.

However, it appears that spears are not doing damage despite hitting the boss, therefore leaving players battling for huge amounts of time in order to try and complete the dungeon. At Mythic+ level, dungeons are timed, and therefore this bug represents a serious issue for high-level players.


A perfect example of this can be seen on the WoW subreddit, where one player has captured their frustrating battle against the final boss. It’s clear for all to see that the spears are hitting their target, but aren’t registering correctly.

While a generally very annoying issue at all levels, it causes real problems for timed high-end play. Players will be hoping Blizzard fix this one quickly, otherwise, Spires of Ascension might become one of Shadowlands’ most infamous dungeons.