Meet Thicc Flyboi – WoW community’s answer to patch 9.2’s missing content

Bill Cooney
Thicc flyboi mount WoW Shadowlands

With no sign of another community mount coming with WoW patch 9.2, one creative player took it upon themselves to come up with a full design for an unused concept.

Called “Eternity’s End,” WoW patch 9.2 will be the final major content update for the Shadowlands expansion. While there will be some new mounts arriving, there most likely won’t be another community mount. 

In September 2020, Blizzard gave WoW players the option to vote for one of five different concepts for a new mount. The Wandering Ancient mount eventually ended up winning and getting added to the game.

With four others left over, a lot of players thought we could see another of them added in a future update. No new community mount vote has been announced for Eternity’s End, however, so one player decided to flesh out one of the designs from 2020 instead.

Curious Caterpillar comes to life

One of the runners up from the 2020 vote, the Curious Caterpillar became too large to turn into a butterfly after gorging itself on oversized vegetables in Pandaria’s Valley of the Four winds.

Reddit user The_Other_Zelda decided to create the mount, based on the description from 2020, and it turned out absolutely massive.

It’s almost two player models high, and would make your character look absolutely puny, even if you are playing a large race like Tauren.

To motivate this absolute unit, there’s even a carrot dangling on a stick from the saddle. Other players were quick to point out the resemblance to Heimlich from the Pixar movie Bug’s Life, and The_Other_Zelda confirmed he was indeed an inspiration.

They didn’t just come up with a design though, they also made a full flying animation, which is somehow adorable. We could definitely see plenty of players cruising through the Shadowlands with this, if it were actually put into WoW.

Blizzard could certainly do another vote for a community mount in the future, but it’s not looking like that will happen during Shadowlands.

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