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WoW patch 9.2.0 Eternity’s End adds way to fly in Zerith Mortis

Published: 15/Nov/2021 22:23

by Bill Cooney


World of Warcraft devs have confirmed players be able to fly in the new Zerith Mortis area, coming with Shadowlands’ final major content update – Patch 9.2.0 Eternity’s End.

The update will introduce a brand new zone to WoW called Zerith Mortis. Unlike Korthia and The Maw, members of the community will eventually be able to fly around this area.

In an interview on November 11, WoW senior level designer Sara Wons confirmed flying will be coming to Shadowlands’ final new zone.

Flying allowed in Zerith Mortis

WoW Shadowlands Flying
Blizzard Entertainment
Flying hasn’t been available in two of Shadowlands key zones: Korthia and The Maw since the expansion came out.

Speaking to french gaming site Millenium, Wons said flying would be unlocked through the new Cypher of the First One’s progression system.


“Yes, in the end you will have the flight in this area thanks to the decryption system. So you will have access to that!” Wons said in the interview.

The Cypher of the First Ones is a new feature coming with 9.2.0. With it, players will access rewards and secrets as they learn more about the First Ones and decipher their language.

Other rewards we know about so far include access to legendary items and exclusive tier sets as well. So, it seems we’ll be able to add flying to that list as well.

New Eternity’s End flying mounts

Eternity's End WoW flying mount
Eternity’s End will offer two new flying mounts for players to unlock.

To go along with this new open airspace, Blizzard is introducing two new flying mounts for 9.2.0.


One is a large white eagle, while the other is something that’s never been available as a flying mount before: a giant airborne spider.

The ability to fly in Shadowlands zones so far was unlocked at the end of a questline just after the release of patch 9.1.0.

It remains to be seen what the exact requirements for Zenith Mortis will be, but we’ll update this piece as soon as we know exactly how to unlock it.