Asmongold shocked by “crazy” World of Warcraft declining subscriber count

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Twitch star streamer Asmongold was shocked by the recent numbers showing World of Warcraft’s active subscriber count is the lowest it’s been in years.

On July 4, Asmongold streamed FFXIV for the first time and hasn’t streamed World of Warcraft since. Asmon was known for being the biggest WoW streamer on the site, and his foray into other games seems to be a trend amongst many players.

During a Twitch stream on August 19, Asmon reacted to a Bellular Gaming video that broke down the numbers of exactly how many players have left WoW for greener pastures.

The Shadowlands expansion might be the final straw for dedicated WoW players.

Asmon shocked at WoW statistics

In the new Asmongold video, he reacted to Bellular going over all of the stats that were released showing how bad things have gotten for WoW.

When Bellular said that WoW has lost half of its player base in between patches 9.0 and 9.1, Asmongold was visibly shocked and said, “What the f**k. Wow.”

Asmon carried on, saying, “The difference between now and 2015 when Warlords of Draenor came out (which brought a dip in subscriber count) is that there were not a lot of alternatives for other games. I think now because there’s a lot of other alternatives it’s easier for people to make a switch quickly, and come back later on if they want to.”

Bellular went on to say that WoW’s subscriber count is at its lowest in the last five years, causing Asmon to exclaim, “That is crazy. Wow.”

He commented on if WoW will ever get back its player base back, saying, “But overall yeah I think people will come back to the game if it’s good. But I think now WoW is genuinely in a place where it has to win back its players.”

For the streamer, WoW has lost all of the good faith the game once had and is going to take an enormous effort by the development team to create something that will win back the hearts of fans.

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