Asmongold gives his wish list of changes for WoW Classic refresh


Twitch star streamer Asmongold gave his wish list for the potential reset of World of Warcraft Classic servers that Blizzard recently teased with its newly released public test realm.

Asmongold has never held back his opinion when talking about the changes he’d like to see from developer Blizzard for World of Warcraft. He has called the current state of WoW “sprinkled in dogs**t”, as well as lambasted Blizzard for their failure to handle toxicity within the game.

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With the rumors that World of Warcraft Classic servers could be getting a refresh, Asmongold made a list of changes for what he would love to see in making what he called “Vanilla 2.0”.

Asmongold World of Warcraft racismBlizzard / Twitch: Asmongold
Asmongold has been on a break from streaming WoW since he began streaming FFXIV.

Asmongold’s WoW wish list

Some of the changes Asmon would like to see come to Classic are quite simple like not allowing Mages to be level boosted, the removal of the cost to re-specialize your character’s talents, and adding the Area of Effect looting mechanic.

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Some bigger changes he suggests are alterations that would help bring excitement to Classic like new raids and harder fights on older content with a focus on adding new mechanics. He also adds he would like to see new classes added, and his idea involves bringing Death Knight as a Horde exclusive, and Demon Hunter as an Alliance exclusive.

The quality of life changes Asmon wants would make playing WoW Classic a more seamless experience like the premade group finder, Mount and Pet tabs, and the Achievement system. These features are all in the retail version of World of Warcraft and were all added to make playing the game much easier for everybody.

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“I want Classic WoW if they are willing to make all of the changes. If they are willing to completely turn the game upside down, and completely reinvent the game then I am 100% behind getting Classic WoW again. I think that would be super f**king fun.”

Although Asmongold’s wish list is long and would require a ton of effort from Blizzard, it would certainly spice up WoW Classic and potentially draw back players.

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