xQc explains why some elements of Valorant “annoy” him

Twitch: xQc / Riot Games

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is hyped for the impending release of Valorant, Riot’s first FPS title, although he has a few concerns about how the game will play out.

Valorant’s closed beta is the talk of the town in the streaming community. Last weekend’s Alpha test has cranked interest up, and now regular players are waiting to get their hands on a beta key to try it out for themselves.

xQc has been fortunate enough to try the game out already. The five-versus-five hero-based tactical shooter has been touted as an “Overwatch killer” ⁠— a game the former Overwatch League pro holds close to his heart.

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However, after having played Valorant, a few things have left the streamer desiring more. The streamer was conscious of how much he could let up ahead of the April 3 embargo, but did share a few details with fans about the upcoming release.

His major problem was with abilities. It’s a core gameplay mechanic of Valorant, however xQc mentioned that in his playtest, there were some he didn’t “enjoy” playing with, or against.

“I don’t want to be negative ⁠— I sh*t on games as much as I worship them,” he said. “I don’t know if some abilities, and some things, are good overall, [or if] I don’t enjoy them because of my own personal opinion.”

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He expanded on why abilities can make Valorant infuriating to play compared to a game like CS:GO. According to the streamer, trying to retake sites after the spike has been planted is annoying purely because of the utility everyone has access to.

“I genuinely think that retaking sites when you lose them is f**king annoying dude. It’s an absolute piece of sh*t,” he explained.

“In CS [Counter-Strike], you rarely have a wall that has 3,000 HP, two lines of Viper sh*t, glowing fire, and flying people. There’s none of that in CS.”

Viper wallpaper for ValorantRiot Games
xQc pointed out Viper as one of the more annoying agents to deal with in a retake.

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xQc did admit that he “loved the game” however, describing it in simple terms Twitch chat can understand: “I thought it was PogChamp.”

Valorant’s closed beta will drop on April 7 to a small number of lucky players. Want to grab a beta key for yourself? We’ve got all the info on how to get one here.