Could Riot be hosting an online Valorant event on March 27? - Dexerto

Could Riot be hosting an online Valorant event on March 27?

Published: 25/Mar/2020 6:41

by Andrew Amos


After the initial delay of Valorant’s launch event, it appears that it could be rescheduled and on the books for Friday March 27, after a host of streamers and pro players have booked the day off.

Valorant has been the game on everyone’s lips as of late, with players from Overwatch, Counter-Strike, and more pledging to jump ship once the Riot-developed FPS eventually releases.

While fans have only seen short snippets of gameplay, there might be something a bit bigger happening this weekend.

Riot Games
Keep your eyes peeled for any big news out of the Valorant camp on March 27.

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The Valorant launch event, with some of Twitch’s top streamers and pro players from other games, could be taking place on Friday March 27, if speculation is to be believed.


Tim ‘Timthetatman’ Betar was the first to start sending alarm bells around the Valorant community after he mentioned that he wasn’t going to be streaming on March 27 because of other commitments.

The streamer, who was picked up by Blizzard to promote new Overwatch DPS hero Echo, is now one of many to drop hints about Valorant’s launch event happening online on Friday.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel deflected a question on stream on March 24 about
“Valorant this Friday [March 27],” which only fueled the rumor mill. CS:GO pro Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield also mentioned that he was going to try Valorant “in three days,” lining up with the others.


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The initial closed test was set to take place on March 11 and 12 before it was canceled. While it’s unlikely the general public will see anything new, eagerly waiting fans might be able to get a few tidbits from their favorite personalities afterwards.

However, it’s opening the doors for a possible public beta release sooner rather than later ⁠— even possibly on the same day.

While the rumored date for Valorant’s beta has changed almost every day, everything coming back to March 27 could mean players might have something to try soon.

Riot Games
Could players be getting a taste of Valorant sooner rather than later? Well, no one knows for sure.

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Obviously this is all speculation, so please take it with a grain of salt. However, with fans itching to play while being locked down at home, now would be the perfect time to drop Valorant for everyone to test out.


Valorant is expected to be released with 10 agents and a few maps focusing around a defusal-style mode. However, Riot are looking to expand their horizons with different styles of maps, agents, and modes once the game launches too.