Dr Disrespect fools everyone with incredible Valorant April Fool’s skin

Twitch/DrDisrespect/Riot Games

With the Valorant beta beginning April 7, Dr Disrespect unveiled what appeared to be a cool new skin that would be available for anyone who subscribed to his Twitch channel. Unfortunately, it was just a prank, but it had a lot of people fooled.

The “skin” itself would likely have been for the Russian sniper agent Sova, as the Doc version gave the character some of the streamer’s trademark attire.

For instance, the Two-Time’s logo could be seen placed on Sova’s shoulder area and knee. Additionally, the character dons Dr Disrespect’s flashy glasses, headset and mullet to complete the ensemble.

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Taking to Twitter, Doc claimed that the exclusive skin would be available to anyone who subscribes to The Champions Club, leaving many thinking they could jump into the arena looking just like him when Valorant comes out.

During his April 1 stream, the entertainer kept the joke rolling. “Ladies and gentleman, an exclusive Doc Valorant skin, available to you on day one if you subscribe to my channel,” he said.

“And no, it has nothing to do with April first. Nothing at all,” he grinned sarcastically.

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Amusingly, even some Riot Games employees seemed to believe the announcement. League of Legends Communications Lead Ryan Rigney revealed people were talking about it in a conference call.

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“Wait… is this real…” Rigney claimed to have said during the call. He then had to straight-up confirm that the skin was just an April Fool’s joke.

“It isn’t, but holy hell it looks good,” he added in parenthesis.

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While the skin may not be real, that doesn’t mean that people don’t want it to be. “If games actually used your skins in-game they would be so damn cool,” Apex Legends pro Ryan ‘Meerko’ Amato said.

It’s unclear what skins will be available in-game or if any will be ready for the beta, but if you want to find out for yourself and get in on the Valorant action, be sure to check out our guide.

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